Sequel Needed: The Day The Earth Stood Still (Remake)

So here I am thinking about a movie I watched months ago, wondering if anyone else got the ending... I decided then and there I was going to make this post, you see the remake of the classic Sci-Fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still was not only crap it had one of the stupidest endings ever, if you look at it from a "what would really happen after this" point of view.

I'm thinking of making this a series of posts called "Sequel Needed", anyway on with the show.

You see Expressionless Man (Keanu Reeves) comes to Earth to talk over what we are doing to our planet, something about there only being so many life supporting worlds out there and watching us kill one is kind of a downer, so he shows up, the yanks being yanks shoot him, hold him against his will, and refuse to allow him to speak to the UN (though what he thinks the UN can do is anyone's guess, it's a toothless tiger).

Anyway skipping over the stupid, the movie ends with him being convinced by a young black kid and his white step mother to spare the human race, you see he was going to kills us all with a swarm of nano-machines or some shit, only he changes his mind and instead stops all our current technology from working... that's right boys and girls, no cars, no planes, no power stations, no Ipods, even fucking wrist watches stop working...

And this is him showing mercy I'd hate to be on his bad side... I'd personally rather of being obliterated by WMD in one step rather then deal with the fall out of his "mercy". No I'm not showing my geeky roots, I'm not talking about life without internet... I'm talking about starving to fucking death.

Let's check the death tool from his "mercy", first off no power, okay everyone on life support in hospitals everywhere just died, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, old people, new born babies, just died. Millions dead. Everyone in an aeroplane, dead. Millions dead in car accidents, dead, dead.

Now we get to the real fun, no cars/planes/boats? How are we going to harvest our food and then transport it? Oh what? we can't? That's BILLIONS dead over the next few months, in one of the worst ways imaginable. Yea look up what a horrible way that is to go, and this is him showing fucking mercy? Jesus.

At a guess I'd say something like 90% of the Human Race would be dead within a year of the end of that movie, maybe more given what happens when you put a ton of dead bodies in one spot (pandemic time!), and then guess what? The survivors are going to be pissed the fuck off, this is where the sequel is needed, let's call it The Day The Earth Stood Still: Humanity's Revenge.

Knowing that there is alien life out there and they royally fucked us over would do what thousands of years of war, kings, queens, emperors, prime-ministers, fuhrers, and presidents have failed to do, unite humanity in a common cause, getting revenge.

As a race we're not a nice group of people, I personally think if Aliens ever show up above our planet they'll take one look at the shit we're capable of and run like hell.

I could see our race spending centuries rebuilding, making technology that works around whatever this dick did, building interstellar vessels, weapons of incredible destruction, and breeding, all the while teaching our children to hate this guy, and then one day, we'd go to war. And that's where I want the movie to be based, us fucking up this "Federation of Races" that decided it was allowed to murder our people.

The remake makes the following assumptions, technology is evil, we'd be better off living in caves, and people as a group are capable of forgiveness... err big fucking no on both counts. We do need to treat our planet better, but Christ, the death of billions is not a fucking a fucking answer. Fucking Hollywood bullshit.

Is it time for new laws concerning journalists?

Over the last few weeks I've been considering a question, the question is is it time for new laws concerning journalists?

Journalists in most western nations have unparalleled freedoms when it comes to what they print, but increasing they are abusing those freedoms.

I'm not talking about journalists who publish exposes about war crimes, or dirty corporations, those journalists need those freedoms.

The journalists I'm talking about are the ones bombarding us with information about so-called "celebrities" private lives.

Just look at all the news coverage Tiger Woods has gotten in recent weeks, I'm not saying what he did was right, I'm also not saying what he did was wrong, it's not my place to judge a man whose claim to fame is the ability to play a really good game of golf.

For the most part defamation and libel laws only protect people from false hoods (and poorly at that), they don't protect people from having their private lives dragged out in front of the world. If he was a world leader or some other major figure whose ethics are vital to his job I could see it being in the public's interest to know, but he's not, he's a golf player, and he's just one example of the media dragging private lives of people into the public domain.

In my considered opinion the public doesn't have the right to know shit about him other then his latest score. It has been argued that they put themselves in the spot light so they're fair game... To that I say bull-fucking-shit. That's a watered down version of "she dressed in a mini-skirt so she deserves to get raped".

There is also the argument that they're "role-models" for children. Now as I've made myself known on a number of occasions I could give two shits about children or the catch-cry of "oh wont someone think of the children" but in this case it does have some merit, yes they are role-models, for how to sign or play a damn sport, not to be a perfect human being, these is no such beast, any more then Unicorns exist. Parents should be teaching their children how to live, how to make moral and ethical choices, not expecting sports players and artists to do it for them.

So with that in my mind, I think a new form of law needs to be introduced regarding journalists and the media in general, one that allows people to sue not just on the grounds of the truth of an article, but on one of the public's right to know.

The public has a right to know if some company is dumping toxins into their drinking water, undisputed.

Does the public have a right to know that celebrity a likes to have sex in a coffin? fuck no. And he/she should be able to sue a publication for making it known.

Now I know what you're asking, how would that help anything? the information would still be out there, well the first few times it wouldn't help, but after the first multi-million dollar judgement news papers and other media would start to think twice before publishing an article about someone's private life.

Well that's my 2 cents.

What do you think?


mmmmmmmmmmm now this is a vampire a movie, no fucking sparkles in sight, just blood, death, sex, and gore! Vampires are back baby!

Oh and "We're the folks with the crossbows" is a fucking awesome line. Die Twilight, Long Live True Vampires!

Iron Man 2

I think I need to change my pants...

The word "super"

So here I am reading an article about Guantanamo bay inmates being sent to "supermax" when I got to thinking... why the fuck do people feel the need to add the word "super" to everything?

Let's think about it, "supermax" means super maximum security in this context... so maximum by definition means the most... super maximum doesn't make any fucking sense, you can't make maximum more fucking maximum it's already maximum.

And while I'm here, why do they need to call the US aircraft carriers "super carriers" I mean FFS ships already have classes, and one class might be bigger then another of the same type, why the fuck do they need to add super to the front...

Fuck. I swear people hate English. I blame Superman, without that degenerate interplanetary refuge we wouldn't have this obsession with adding super to every-fucking-thing.

What's next? Super ATM Machines (Yes I know, it's suppose to be there)?

Super Car washes?

Grrr fucking people shit me.

Star Trek TNG Rap

And just to cheer myself up after that massive rant below, I thought I'd share this very awesome Star Trek parody. Yes it's rap, but give it a chance, it's good and actually funny.

Damn the children. Damn them to hell

Damn the children. Damn them to hell.

I'm so fucking sick to death of the "oh wont someone think of the children" crowd. Screw the damn children, look after your own stinking kids you fat headed morons.

In case your wondering what brought this on, it was hearing from someone how his legally purchased copy of Left 4 Dead 2 was stopped by Australian customs.

If you've been living in a cave you might not of heard about how the game was "refused classification" or "banned" in Australia due to the fact that the fuckwits running the country have no fucking clue actually plays games... you know adults.

But oh no, games are for kids, so we don't need an 18+ rating, so anything that exceeds the M15+ rating is "banned". For the record from what I've seen of the game, it's not a kiddy game and does need an "adult's only" rating, you know if we had one in this country.

I'm not even interested in this game, hell I haven't played any of the "banned" games over the last few years, not because I respect the law in this case, or because I'm afraid of getting caught, but because I'm not interested in those types of games.

But even still, seeing stuff banned for "the sake of the children" just makes my blood boil, we have X rated movies, kids are allowed to read crap like twilight which is basically a how-to guide for setting up an abusive relationship...

Speaking of books, is there even a ratings system for books? I've got some stuff in my collection that has some fairly detailed bloodshed/sex in them and no sign of any kind of rating, all purchased in stores. The John Ringo Kildar (good story, horrible politics not even subtly hinted at) series for example has descriptions of people getting their limbs blown off, graphic depictions of sex, and that's just the fucking TAME stuff in them. If it was a movie it would be R18, easy.

But oh no, we can't shoot zombies in a video game. And everytime the hint of boobies comes out in a game (see Mass Effect) it's like someone set fire to their bibles.

The same rational is use to defend the idea of a national internet censor... how about parents actually freaking take responsibility for their spawn and look after them and stop infringing on the rights of adults.

I'm so fucking sick of this crap. I don't have kids, I don't want kids ever and all I hear about is how we need to screw over the adults for the sake of the children, but there is an easier cheaper way to deal with this shit, make parents actually parent their kids... rather then plomping them down in front of the computer, TV, or X-Box.

It's time like this I want out of this damn country, fucking moralistic hypocrites ruining things for everyone else, fuck you, fuck your god, fuck your holybook, fuck your moralising, I'm sick of you twats, live and fucking let live you cunts, leave us alone.

Come to think of it, all the name calling, swearing, and just plain ranting isn't like helping my case... oh well. Fuck 'em, they'll just blame it on all the video games I played growing up and ignore my argument anyway.

WoW is a seductive beast.

World of Warcraft is evil. I'd just like to get that out there. I played for a good four years almost non-stop, with only small week or two breaks here and there, and finally about 6/7 months ago quit.

I've been doing good. Now I'm not bashing anyone who likes WoW, each their own and all that, it is after all a fairly good game if you can get passed it's community of retards.

It's just I found it was the only game I was playing, I'd hardly play anything else, instead of reading a book, I'd play WoW, instead of watching a movie, I'd play WoW, instead of writing I'd play WoW, instead of working on a coding project or video or any other hobby I use to have, I'd play WoW.

I think you've got the point, it was taking over my leisure actives, which before WoW (and to a degree AO) were veried and while geeky, much more rounded.

Funny thing is, I didn't notice any of that until after I quit the soul-sucker, I quit because I was bored with all the existing content, the headaches (literal and figurative) that would come after long frustrating raid sessions, and then after I'd done a few bits here and there that I was actually interested in... that would be it for the week, nothing else to do. But I'd still log in, and sit there... for hours... doing nothing in-game or out.

I mentioned the community above... well if you've played WoW you know it's about one step above non-stop 24/7 riot without the police showing, and I don't mean the fun kinds of riots, I mean the burn down everything in sight while hurling hideous memes at everyone kind of riots.

And the forums were worse.

Err... this isn't going how I intended... anyway my point when I started this post was to related that today I was watching the IGN daily fix and they mentioned a new WoW patch, and then I got an email from blizzard about free game time if I wanted... then I noticed a video for the WoW patch on IGN in the other content box at the end of the video...

I've watched and looked at WoW content since I quit, but damn Blizzard knows how to make a good cinematic, always has, I've often said that if they went into CGI movies with their current staff of writers and artists they could put Dreamworks and Fixar would of the game in months.

So I was sitting here tonight, feeling slightly bored, unable to go play Dragon Age or AC2 due to the sleeping child in the lounge room (her mum's sick and we're baby sitting for a few days while she's in the hospital), and there sitting in my inbox is the WoW invite... taunting me... seducing me with it's tight lines and free epics...

But no! I've 6 months clean! I can enjoy other games! I've seen more movies in 6 months then I have in the last 5 years, and I'm finally making head way through the stack of books I brought over that time that I'd "been meaning to read".

So no WoW, you wont seduce me again! I'm not falling for your lies again!

Now if only cigarettes would as easy to quit I'd be free of my most self-destructive vices.

Victoria's Secret Commercial By Michael Bay HD

Okay, this is what the guy should stick too, rather then raping my childhood with movies like Transformers.

The Irony of The ABC

Last night as I was laying in bed about to drift off to sleep, a copy of a Honor Harrington book on my bedside table, I had just finished rereading one of the chapters on Haven and it's dictatorial rule, and state owned and controlled media when a thought occurred to me.

"State owned media is almost always portrayed as 'evil' yet I trust the ABC far more then any commercial media outlet"

It struck me so hard I laughed. The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) is state owned and regulated, but not directly controlled, with many many people in Australia choosing it over commercial outlets due to it's reputation as serious and honest. Sure the government make a big stink now and then about "bias", but I've seen conservatives and liberals both make the same claims over the years, and other news outlets just plain hate them, so I ignore it.

Isn't an irony that people have started to trust state owned media more then the so-called "free" press to deliver real unbiased news about real world issues? I don't trust Newscorp or any other local Australian media, and I definitely don't trust places like Fox or CNN with their blatant bias, one on either side of the political fence.

When did this happen? It should never of happened, but really it was bound to happen when the media companies got so big they started to be able to impact the news they were suppose to be reporting.

Then there is the issue of profit, the search for the almighty dollar, I'm far from a communist, but when you start putting profit as the main motivator of a news organisation it's naturally going to lead to pandering to your audience, and that's when you start being news and start being entertainment.

The ABC is tax-payer funded, it doesn't have to worry about making a profit or ratings or any of that other dribble, so it actually reports the news as it happens, rather then slapping their own opinions on it or slanting the story to appeal to their subscribers.

There is also the factor of the ABC does less "cute" and "cleb" stories then their commercial competitors. If I'm watching the news I want news, not a story about some cleb I don't care about screwing around, or some dog down a drain.

I realise this is starting to sound like a love letter to the ABC, and that wasn't my intent, as a media outlet it's far from perfect, but in today's world it's vitally important that we fight to keep it, otherwise all we'll be left with is people like NewsCorp, and noone (apart from Murdoc, who recently said he wants the ABC out of news because it's "unfair") wants that.

And don't get me started on NewsCorps opinion of Blogs, for a company that blantently rips them off all the time on their sites, without even fact checking the stories, calling Blogs plagiarism and theft to be the hight of bullshit.

Anyway I'm done for now, I still think it's funny that I've come to trust a state-owned media outlet far more then any other source.

Whatever happened to the spacesim?

So I went looking for a Space Sim on the 360... only to find nothing. And only maybe 3 Flight Sims, 3 amid the masses of unwashed unplayable FPS cash-ins. I then went and looked on the PC... only to find nothing since Freespace 2 (not counting the upgrades and mods for it)...

My friend Ashleigh got me a copy of Freespace 2 over half a fucking decade ago, and by the time I got it it had already been out for a good while.

So where have all the Space Sims gone? And don't fucking tell me that those 360 Arcade games for Star Trek and Battlestar are space sims, you can only fucking move in 2d.

The space sim use to be huge, the X-Wing games, the Wing Commander games (don't get me started on the 2d movement bullshit crapfest that is the newest version, fuck you devs) and of course Freespace, so what happened?

Did the infestation of retarded Halo/CoD/MoD FPS fucktards who think anything that doesn't fit into their grey/brown shoot 'em up world is "ghay" kill them off? Their are already less and less RPGs, with only a handful of really good ones coming out each year due to the same thing.

Seriously if I can browse a store and find over a dozen new release FPS games that are all the same fucking thing when it comes down to it, but only one decent new RPG (Dragon Age), a few pre-owned Flight Sims, and not a single Space Sim, there is something seriously wrong with things.

Yea there are other genres to enjoy, but some many other gamers are only into FPS games that it's starting to ruin it for those of us who enjoy more then yet another WWII "reenactment" (because apparently only US troops took part in WWII).

I mean I enjoy some FPS games, I also enjoy RTS, RPG, etc, etc. But really less and less of those games are coming out as well, while more and more sports and FPS games are coming out. I mean seriously, are we loosing our hobby to the very people who use to deride it? The same we lost most of the Internet to the idiots!

So what happened? I really wanted to go frag some aliens in my fighter and drop some torpedos down a battle-station.

Oh btw Ace Combat 6 on the 360, the only Flight Sim I could find that looked decent (I refuse to purchase anything with Tom "I've got a US flag up my arse" Clancy's name on it), really really sucks.

When Eyecandy is too much

So I was bored out of my mind last night and was re-watching some old stuff I had laying around, and I got to thinking about some of the "eye-candy" we see in popular media.

I'm talking about the Seven of Nines, or the babes in chain-mail bikinis in video games, and why they annoy the holy shit out of me.

Don't get me wrong, hot is hot, and I'm a fan of a hot chick as much as the next guy, but having a hot chick dressed in almost nothing just to have a hot chick dressed in almost nothing is ... dum da da da! immersion breaking.

One thing that always got me was for example Troy on Star Trek TNG, she's a Commander on the federation flag ship... walking around in a skin tight body suit... Yea I know that in Trek Starfleet isn't really a military organisation, however, Uniforms serve several purposes, and there is a reason beyond the military utility as to why they exist.

They espouse uniformity (hence uniforms), a sense of belonging to something larger then yourself, they encourage a group or unit identity, be that a charity group like the Salvation Army, or the real Army. By being out of uniform she sends the implicit message that she isn't part of the group, that she is somehow above the group, not something you'd think a shrink would want to do.

It's just as bad, if not worse, in video games, take for example the ever present chain-mail bikinis you see in every fantasy game, they offer no protection, use it's a game, yes it's fantasy set in a world of magic and elfs and unicorns, but ffs that just means we're already working hard to keep our heads in the game, no need to needlessly break immersion just to have some T&A around.

As I said earlier, I'm not very PC, so I don't really care about any of the "it's offensive to women" bullshit (when those coke ads with the shirtless guy gets pulled off TV then they can talk, until then STFU) that gets thrown around, I'm against it on a more practice ground, it doesn't suit the story, if you've got a hooker in the game, by all means have her in next to nothing, but some tough warrior lugging around a sword bigger then my leg, she knows better.

Oh and what's up with the boobs on aliens, you've got reptiles with fucking tits... Jesus. You know what purpose breaths serve right? the feeding of young, the only reason men have them is we're a genetic modification of the female form, that's it, sure we may like to look at them, but the only real reason we have them is to feed kids. Reptiles don't do it that way, birds don't do it that way, or fish, or anything other then mammals (hence why breasts are called mammary glands).

So when I see a sci-fi series with a hot chick painted green with scales with huge freaking knockers I just want to go "ugg...". If they evolved from reptiles chances are they'd feed their young via other means, if they don't just go out and eat someone else's kids a few hours after hatching.... yea that hot reptile chick wont have the same parts as you either, sorry to say.

Okay now I'm just ranting... where was I...

Oh yea, I really wish more shows would have women dressed similarly to how they would dress in a real world situational analogue. It doesn't mean dress them in a burlap sack, after all a woman can be hot in conventional clothing or uniforms, after all if all we wanted to see was titties we've got the internet for that, it's the allure of what's under the clothes that gets us, show a little make us think about the rest.

Anyway I find chicks in uniforms mega hot.

Actors runing movies ... that they've already done

So I was thinking last night, am I the only one who can't watch movies that use to be favourites of mine because of the giant dicks the stars in them have turned into?

I mean, I use to love movies like Top Gun and Days of Thunder, good popcorn stuff, but the second Tom "Thetans" Cruise walks on screen I groan and want to turn the movie off.

I mean seriously the guy is a giant dick these days, and he's not the only one, Sly Stallone's stuff has been ruined for me, since he's turned into a creepy old man.

Have douchbag actors ruined your classic movie collection?

About the only actor that I detest that I can still watch is The Goveninator, yep, sure he became can a politician (I hate them all, doesn't matter which side they are on), that's one step below "puppy killing halocaust denying jay walker" on the douchbag scale.

I guess it says something about his movies, or it could be that if you sat through Twins, Kindergarten Cop, and Junior and still enjoyed the gore ridden early action stuff before he started "acting" you can put up with anything short of trying to personally kill you and molest your pets.

So any you'd care to share?

Sports... /sigh

Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) chief John Coates has taken a swipe at Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis, saying she has gone missing on the issue of sports funding.

This week the Government received the Crawford Report, its long-awaited review of sports funding in Australia, which did not recommend the $100 million in extra funding being sought by the AOC.

Jesus Christ on a pop-sickle stick. What the fuck is wrong with these people? The world's economy is falling apart and then want a hundred million dollars extra to fund people who play sports for a living?

Fuck them, and fuck their little athletes as well. People are suffering all over the world and the nation, people are loosing their jobs left right and centre and they want us to piss away money that could be used to help them for fucking sports.

They already get too much fucking money in this country, fuck them, use it to fix the roads around here, or build more hospitals, or I don't know fix the education system.

Fuck Sports.

Dragon Age - A Love Letter

This game is perhaps the best game I've played in the last 2 or 3 years, including Mass Effect and Fallout 3, it beats the ever loving Christ out of Fable 2.

I'll do a more detailed review on it later, but for now, watch the video, buy the game, and love it. It is simply awesome.

Everquest, A Perfect Storm or Zeitgeist?

IGN is running a series on 10 years of Everquest (yes I know UO was first) and it got me thinking, was it a perfect storm of talent, creativity, technology, and passion that created the MMO phenomenon or was it just Zeitgeist?

If you don't know what Zeitgeist means, it's a German phrase meaning "the spirit of the age", meaning that if it wasn't Everquest and UO that started it, it would of been something else, but it still would of happened.

Not to diminish the work of the amazing people who made those games, they played their part and poured their blood into their work for sure, but it makes one wonder, if not Everquest and UO, what would of been born in their place?

V (2009) First Episode Review

Second Review

Why I'm Proud To Be Australian

Okay so I was clicking around and found this.

"There is a dark and foreboding place where few men dare tread, and where those who do tread speak with indecipherable accents. A place that will rape your Christian soul and be left unquenched, sitting there silently... taunting your soul's now-swollen asshole with its maddening silence - where is your God now?! There's no way that such a hellish, fiendish nexus of putrid rot and agony could exist! Well, it does, and that place is none other than the continent of Australia."

Check it out and be proud of our homeland.

V (2009) A first look review.

A mini-review of the new series V.

TOTD TV Advertisements

Another rant video :D

ToTD: Why Do People Use Twitter?

A Thought of the Day video, I'm trying something new, and having fun with movie editing :D

Early Retirement

A Maryland woman lost her accounting job after a background check performed through the FBI’s criminal database indicated, erroneously, that she was unsuitable for the job, according to the Baltimore Sun.

Eschol Amelia “Amy” Studnitz had been working for Corporate Mailing Services since August 2008 as a senior accountant.

Well congratulations Amy, looks like you've just won an early retirement, I'm betting you've got lawyers lined up around the block begging you to hire them and from what I'm reading you've got a rock solid case against the FBI and you're old employer.

Personally I wouldn't of sued myself if I'd of got my job back, but since they screwed you, SUE THEM TO HELL AND BACK!

I feel bad for her, really I do, but I also find it kind of funny really in a "hah some big company / government agency is going to get owned" kind of way, though given the way the legal system works she'll either have to take an out of court settlement or live hard for a year or two while it's worked out in the courts.

It's yet another example of why the legal system needs an overhaul, limits placed on the number of lawyers/assistants/etc each side can have, and limits on the time they can take. Cases should take weeks at most, not years.

5 simple rules when choosing a victim as a Socially Responsible Sociopath

Well this one of my own videos, let me know what you think!

85 per cent support voluntary euthanasia

A new survey shows support for voluntary euthanasia is on the rise in Australia.

The Newspoll of 1,200 people indicated 87 per cent support in New South Wales, which is up 12 per cent on 2007 results.

I'm a bit of a contradiction on this issue, I'm a huge fan of personal choice, but I don't know if I could make that choice myself, I think so long as there is life there is hope, I'd like to think I would keep fighting until the very end, kicking Death in the nads with my last breath.

So as far as the law goes I'm in favour of it, personal choice is king.

Incidentally that's also my view on abortion, I stay out of the debate because I'm male and thus it's not really my choice, as it's not my body, and until such time as they make it possible for another option, I'll stay out of it.

Though I will say I fucking hate how men are portrayed in popular media (TV/Movies/Etc) regarding it, some bint drops a huge bomb shell on the guy and then gets pissed he doesn't know what they should do after 30 seconds, when she's had days/weeks to get use to the idea. Then he's the bad guy for not wanting to make a choice, because the smart guy knows he's fucked either way, suggest abortion/adoption he's a heartless bastard, suggest marriage and he's a clingy twat, walk away and he's a deadbeat. There is no way the poor guy can win.

Ladies you've got our support, but Jesus don't put it all on us, it takes two to tango, if you want our input fine, if you don't also fine, but don't give us the... oh fucking wow I'm really off-topic here.

Okay in closing, personal choice is king, just because the law says it's okay to do something doesn't mean you have too do it if it's against your personal lifeview.

Michael Jackson is dead... get over it.

Okay let me start off by saying yes I laughed at jokes about him over the years, but if you claim not too have done the same you're either a saint or (far more likely) a liar.

I liked some of his music, the early stuff, I feel vaguely (I didn't know him personally so I'm not going to claim some deep sadness like some dicks out there) sorry for his kids and family, just like any decent person does when someone dies, but honestly, do we need to see yet another news report about him?

He was a big name in the entertainment world, so I put up with the first few days of coverage, but after they buried him I expected them to calm the fuck down about it. But months have dragged on with them still bleeting on about it.

I even know some people who at the news thought "damn that's sad" who got angry about it all after a few days of non-stop wall to wall coverage, they were just plain pissed off about it and couldn't stand hearing any more about him. They turned off the TV in disgust, closed the browser window in anger, etc. That's when you know you've gone too far.

Come-on people... It's not news any more. It's gone far beyond tribute and reporting into exploitation. Just let it go.

Blacklists don't work, try a whitelist

Every now and then you hear about some dude with a bee in his bonnet screaming "Wont somebody think of the children!!oneoneone!!!" and wanting to ban different websites using blacklists.

Okay cool, I personally have no problems with blacklists so long as they are opt-in, but you know what? They don't fucking work. Getting around a blacklist is piss easy, and new websites pop up all the time, so maintaining a blacklist is a horrible time and money sink.

Here's the fix, something a bunch of us came up with on Whirlpool years ago, and it was hardly original, it was just spit balling a way to offer a good service to schools and parents, sit down 30 representative members of whatever group you want to make the list for, and tell them to go wild on the internet, every time they find a website they don't object too, it gets added to a list.

Now take that list, write some software that prevents visiting anything outside that list, or hell just use the function built into browsers (easy as piss to get around, but most people are fuckwits), and bingo, you've got a reasonably safe internet for your kiddies.

Well until they work out how to get around it.

The government could even take it a step farther and make a central repository of these lists for parents, Muslim friend content only, Christian friendly only, etc personally I think anyone using one of those lists is a twit, but hey personal freedom is great, do what you will.

Trying to regulate the internet is like pissing into the wind, messy and very ineffective. Better to go with regulating people who want to be regulated.

Random Irks

You know what irks me today? Reading someone seriously write "male stewardesses" in a sentence...

The word is steward you fucking dip-shits, and while we're on the subject, why the move to "flight attendant", sure it's accurate, but what was wrong with steward and stewardess? We don't call women "men without testicles" we call them women! What's wrong with gender pronouns?

I don't get it, it's not like when you read about "flight attendants" in the news or wherever they don't tack on male or female in front of it... so they might as well just stuck with steward and stewardess.

And that's my irk of the day.

British PM tweets bickie of choice...

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has finally crumbled and revealed his answer to one of the nation's most pressing questions – what is his favourite biscuit.

The PM was repeatedly asked to name his favourite bickie during a live online question and answer session with hundreds of mothers on the Mumsnet website last week.

Conservative leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg had both answered the same question first time, with oatcakes and Rich Tea biscuits top of their lists.

And this is why the internet is perhaps the stupidest way to communicate with "ordinary" people.

They asked him that retarded question 8 freaking times. After the third time I personally would have told them to bog off and come back when they thought up something relevant to ask.

And then he obviously got smacked around by his PR team and was forced to go back and post an answer.

Of all the questions you could think to ask the leader of your nation... you ask him what his favourite biscuit is? What utter stupidity.

That would be like going back in time, having exactly one question to ask of Einstein and asking him "so dude what's with the hair?"

(Most) Prostitution is RAPE

Okay so last night unable to sleep due to a massive fit of coughing up my lungs I logged onto the cesspit that is IRC, I jumped into a random channel, in this case #politics on fuck... I forget the server.

Anyway there was a debate in progress about the legalising prostitution and after a rip roaring debate lasting a few hours I gave up in a fit of rage and logged off.

You see I just couldn't get a lot of the people claiming prostitution is a "victimless crime" to understand prostitution is basically rape in a lot, and I'd personally the majority, of cases (not that I can back up the majority part, I don't have numbers).

Okay here's a question, man attacks, holds down, and has sex with a woman against her will, clear cut rape right? (If you said no you're a dirty scumbag that I hope meets his end shortly)

Now, take the same man, same women, only now the man has a gun, unless the woman has sex with him he'll shoot her, is it rape? Yes!

The same thing is done a lot in prostitution, the woman (or man, it does happen to men, but I'll just keep using the female pronoun rather then he/she) in question has a choice between a) having sex with a stranger or b) getting the crap kicked out of her by her pimp or c) going hungry or having her family go hungry.

It's still a form of coercion, just not as overt as the gun metaphor. And that's not even taking into account the women sold into mother-fucking slavery in some countries out there.

Having sex with a prostitute is more then likely (I'd say something like 99 times out of 100) rape in today's world.

Oh don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are prostitutes out there that are willing and not forced into it, by either a 3rd party or economic problems, and more power too them, their body do with it what they will. But those men and women are the vast vast vast minority.

Contrary to what you might think after what you've read above, I'm actually in favour of legalising prostitution, after all criminalising it hasn't been effective at shutting it down, there is a demand so a black market has risen to fill the demand, however in order for legalisation to be an effective solution you need to regulate the hell out of it, placing protection for the prostitutes as the highest priority and cracking down unmercifully on pimps (one of the lowest forms of scum around, just above paedophiles on my personal ladder of people who need to die a horrible death).

Incidentally the same approach would work well on illicit narcotics. Let's face it, there is a reason they call prostitution the "World's oldest profession", it's been around forever and not going anywhere, the only way to make things better is to regulate it.

Think it over people.

Scale Matters

So I was watching the new season of Sanctuary (pretty good show btw) tonight and it got me thinking about why I like the show's look even when the production values aren't that high, for me I think it comes down to my catch phrase of immersion.

Sanctuary uses a lot of file footage and artist renderings for outdoor shots to give the feeling they are in a huge city or an exotic local, even when the set is obviously on a lot some where. It just helps me keep into the show.

Also I think it helps when they use realistic travel times when they aren't zapping around via teleport.

Then you've got shows like last year's Legend of the Seeker, I really really wanted to like the show, it had a pretty decent story, so-so acting, but the fact that it kept shattering immersion just broke it for me.

I call it the Hercules / Xena problem, yea okay we know one town in whateverland 200 BC looked the same as another, but it's hard to imagine a town with a dozen wood huts is actually a town worth defending/attacking.

But here's the thing, you could have those same shots, same wood huts, spend a few hundred dollars on an artists time and do an over-view of the same town, only expanded so that it actually looked like a fucking town.

It doesn't have be ground breaking CGI, just a plain old painting works perfectly to give the world a sense of scale, then fade in to the actors on the wood hut street.

Massive GM: advertising makes games better, when done right

Whenever there is a story written about ads in video games, gamers come out in droves to condemn the practice. They won't buy games with ads in them, they say. It's a terrible practice, we hear. Ars Technica caught up with the JJ Richards, GM of Massive, Microsoft's in-game advertising firm. His message: ads in games can enhance the experience, not hurt it

I'd have to say I agree with him, oh sure there have been games with advertisements in them that I'd totally detested, such as Anarchy Online, where it ruined the immersion totally for me, it's 20 thousand plus years in the future and I'm seeing an ad for a movie due out in a few months? Come off it.

But there have been games that have done it perfectly, my best example would be Saints Row 2, it has in-game ads on billboards that are actually based on real ads, and if anything they add to the game environment much more then any fake ad could, especially since they are region specific with ads that people in Australia/Victoria will recognise instantly such as the "If you drink and drive you're a bloody idiot" and other TAC slogans.

On the whole the whole in-game advertisements in that game were very suited to the environment where they were placed. I think it's a good sign that people like this guy recognise that gamers and tech users in general are fickle bastards (speaking for myself here as well) and that they, the advertisers, need to run the fine line between good ads and annoying ads that we take note of just so we can avoid the product out of spite.

I know I've done that in the past, purposely avoided a product because the ad campaign was so fucking annoying and intrusive.

I don't have any moral objection to ads in game I purchased if it fits in with the overall feel of the game, but heaven help you if you break my immersion with some shitty jeans ad, I'll cut your balls off and feed them too you.

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

US President Barack Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize for giving the world 'hope for a better future' with his work for peace and calls to reduce the global stockpile of nuclear weapons.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee praised Mr Obama for "his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples".

Okay before anyone starts calling me Anti-American or racist I'd just like to say to those people, fuck off and die a slow death you morons, you can disagree with someone without hating them.

Onto the rant, it was my understanding that the Nobel prizes were given for accomplishments and not to hate on the guy, but he hasn't accomplished anything yet, he's made some pretty major promises that I personally think are awesome-sauce and made some moves towards things that make the future look less like the shit-hole it was even a year ago, but he hasn't actually done anything yet.

It seems to me like they are jumping on the "Whoa first black American president, better kiss up or we'll be called racist" bandwagon.

Oh and before anyone jumps on the "he's getting rid of nukes! it even passed the UN!" thing, let me be clear, nukes aren't that big of a deal anymore, they've been slowly getting rid of them for decades now, disposing of those evil things is a lot harder then making the damn things.

Frankly the fact the US/France/England/Russia have them doesn't worry me too much... okay Russia's internal security based on my limited understanding scares the fuck out of me, but the major powers having nukes over-all isn't that much of a worry, they've had them for decades and not used them, it's the nutjobs like India and Pakistan (fine countries and peoples) having them that worry me, and the really nutso fuckwits like North Korea and Iran looking at making them scares the shit out of me.

And I don't see NK/Iran coming to the table, they don't see the danger in nukes, only "ohh big boy toys!" appeal.

I'm trying to remember who said "I don't loose sleep over the man who wants a hundred nuclear weapons, I worry about the man who only wants one" I think it was in a movie, and it sums up the problem perfectly.

Anyway I've gotten way the fuck off topic here, back to the point, I think Obama is doing good and has the promise to do a lot more good, but honestly he's not really ready to be given such a high honour, maybe in a few years, but not right now.

Edit: Seems I'm not the only one, but the Wall Street Journal are a bunch of smary pricks who need to tone it the fuck down.

TV is TV

You know what I hate? The line "This isn't a TV show" or it's variants on a fucking TV show or Movie. It's just retarded.

I'm sure the first time someone wrote it down it was mildly funny, but you know what? In jokes aren't funny to those of us that aren't in on it and memes are even less funny.

Besides not being funny, they break immersion.

You know immersion that thing that's suppose to keep us from questioning why the dude in the funny hat is kicking the ass of the super-powered bad guy or why there is sound in a fucking space battle (other then it makes it cooler) or the fact that super model chick is married to a guy that makes me look like Fabio by comparison.

It's gotta be like at least one of the top 3 rules of writing, "Thou Shalt Not Fucking Break the Fourth Wall"

Okay felling better now.

PWNT: Somali pirates attack military flagship

Somali pirates attempted to storm the French navy's 18,000 tonne Indian Ocean fleet flagship after mistaking it for a cargo vessel, the military have said.

The crew of La Somme, a 160-metre command vessel and fuel tanker, easily saw off the brazen night-time assault by lightly armed fighters on two open-topped motorboats and captured five pirates, a spokesman said.

"The pirates, who because of the darkness took the French ship for a commercial vessel, were on board two vessels and opened fire with Kalashnikovs," Admiral Christophe Prazuck said.

I don't think I have really anything to add other then the words of the great Nelson Muntz "Ha

Evolution is a theory

Okay so I'm fucking sick to death of you fucking wack jobs, both lots of you, the intelligent design fucktards and the evolution is science so it's inconvertible moronic donkey fuckers.

Okay so I personally think evolution is the closest we've got to a real answer about how life came about (I also believe in god, shocking I know, but science by definition should be challenged and examined otherwise it's just fucking dogma. You know that shit you hate on religious folks for?

Evolution is a theory, it says right there in the fucking name, The Theory of Evolution you morons.

Now as I said above it makes sense and there is some proof that it takes place, that doesn't mean you should accept it as pure gospel truth (and the funny at using that phrase here is obvious to me thank you), science is about expanding the limits of our knowledge, until such time as there is incontrovertible proof one way or the other, or a better theory, I'm going to tell you morons to shut the fuck up, you're getting as bad as the bible bashers who think God put dinosaur bones in the ground to confuse us.

We're like small children as a race, we've just hit that point where we know just enough to understand just how much we don't know, so stop being so dogmatic and use the squishy pink stuff between your ears.

If God Had...

Okay so every now and then I'll be reading about something new and exciting in the world of science or medicine and when I get to the comments section of the article there is always some douche bag saying "if god had meant us...".

Okay just clear up a point I believe in god, but I'm not overly religious, my faith in god doesn't need a book or a dude in a funny robe to exist, I can see why some people take comfort in it, but personally I think too many people take the dogma and leave the message, but that's a rant for another day.

Back onto topic, God doesn't want us living in mud fucking huts you morons. God gave us our minds, our curiosity, to explode his wonderful world and universe.

My personal opinion is that everything we discover and learn about was put there by god, science is the way we can understand this wonderful creation of God's will. Yes there is more to the world then just what we can see, but that's the whole point, for everything we learn we still only grasp a fraction of the truly majestic wonder that is this universe.

If God made it so chemicals made in a certain way cure cancer, he wants us to find it and use it.

I view God as a loving parent that wants us as people and a race to grow, to understand, to embrace the majesty of his creation.

Oh and also I believe in evolution, I think it makes sense that God the all knowing and all powerful simply touched over the proverbial pebble that started the avalanche. After all if you know all the variables you can know exactly what will happen if you set off an event.

So in short, stop being so fucking dogmatic you morons and try and us that mind God gave you.

Breaking News: Space is Fucking Big

So I've been thinking about this for a while, you know how one of the more common themes in sci-fi is a big fucking asteroid or comet slamming into earth killing everyone? It's fucking bullshit.

Not that shit doesn't hit the earth all the time, and really really big shit has hit the earth in the past, and well big shit going really fast does a lot of damage (kinetic impact is the fancy way of saying it), no that's not my issue, my issue is how they always "solve" the problem of something really fucking big flying at the earth.

Rock the size of a small country coming at us like a rabid monkey and the first reaction is "err lets blow that shit up with nukes!" it never works, of course fucking not, you can't vaporise something that fucking big and even if you did break it up, you'd go from having one huge ass rock to having lots of fairly big rocks. Even if most of them burn up in the atmosphere you've still got things the size of houses falling on cities with an explosive impact measured in fucking megatons.

So they always move onto some cop-out bullshit sci-fi Dues-Ex plot twist, when in actual fact, nukes would work just fine.

Now you're thinking "Hang on Bunyip you just said it's patently stupid", and I did, but vaporising isn't my goal, you see space is fucking huge, so huge in fact that the human mind (apart from a few really fucking smart people) can't comprehend it, kind of like Will Shatner's ego, and our solar system is full of rocks and shit, and big stuff rarely hits us.

The reason for this is the earth is always moving, so it's two lines having to intersect at the same time in order to do any damage, now as anyone with any grasp of reality will tell you, the farther away the two objects are the less change they need to make in order to avoid hitting each other.

Example, two cars coming at each other head on, now if they see each over 200-300 meters away, they only have to make a slight correction to avoid running into each other, at 20 meters they need to swerve like a mother fucker.

The same can be said for things in space, only more so, a few nukes aimed at the right spot using math worked out by people much smarter then me at a rock far enough away can nudge the big ass thing far enough off course that it will miss us by millions of kilometres.

So in short, Hollywood sci-fi is stupid, I'm cranky and tired and wanted to rant about something.

PSA: Don't Masturbate in Public

So I'm not talking about the actual act of masturbation, you know the thing everyone does, I'm talking about the act of mental masturbation, you know what I mean, the wanker going on about his latest project, that's basically public masturbation.

Here's why I'm sick of it, I was reading reviews about the movie Inglorious Bastards, pretty good movie apart from the fact like all Tarantino movies it's basically a feature length jerk off fest about other movies he considers classic.

It's just limited to the man whose name is really hard to spell either, it comes in many forms, just as the Twilight novels which are another form of masturbation material, only rather then keeping it private like normal decent people, it was published.

Oh and then there are games like the 50 cent (and who the fuck names rappers?) Blood on the Sands games, but don't even get me started on them.

Now that I think about it, lumping Tarantino in with "Fiffy" and the Sparklepire is pretty fucking harsh, so Tarantino I'm sorry man, really, you at least have talent, just keep it in your pants, now back to the topic at hand.

Every review I'd read about Inglorious Bastards goes on about the references and nods to other films, but none of them see it as a bad thing, why the fuck not?

It's not part of the narrative, it detracts from the story, personally I don't give a shit about film history, I don't hate it, or people who care it, I'm interested in a lot of weird shit other people don't get (such as spending three hours reading up on Damascus steel based on a throw away line in a trashy war novel), but when you're making something for mass consumption keep the fan-boy geekyness toned the fuck down.

I'm not saying dumb down the product, but few people will even notice the little "wink wink nudge nudge" jokes in there, and those that aren't fan-boys themselves will just get pissed off, the same way we do when someone mentions the cake is a lie in a non sarcastic manner.

And that's that for my sleep deprived rant of the day.

Youtube, Finding Gold in Elephant Shit

So, I was bored and couldn't sleep, so what did I do? I went on the Internet looking for something to laugh at. Big mistake.

Why was it a mistake? I looked on Youtube.

For every Yahtzee,, MovieBob, and their ilk you have close to a million retarded monkeys talking softly into crackly mics while looking intently into their WebCams.

Seriously, there is nothing said in those videos that couldn't be better said in writing, I don't need to see your face or hear your voice to empathise with your opinions and frustrations, in fact the opposite is true, chances are I'll find you so annoying that I'll disagree with you on general principle.

If you're going to label something a humorous rant against something or other, at least make it funny and put some fucking effort into it you turd gobblers.

If you're "reviewing" something, how about instead of staring into your web cam for 5 god-damn painful minutes you try actually showing some footage of it, it's not like you can't find any-fucking-thing online and there is freeware video editing software out there by the bucket full.

Before you say the words "they'll sue me", they can't, it's called fair use a clause in most copy right laws the world over, or if you're plain just shitting on something, the parody protection, and hey generally unless you're one of the big named guys no-one gives a shit about you anyway.

Oh and also? Saying something sucks, even if I agree it does, just because you don't like it is patently fucking stupid, if you think something sucks at least try and articulate why you don't like it.

I can give you a fifty point list on why most main stream "musicians" should be shot into the sun, the most people on youtube can come up with for the most part is "ghay"

JK Rolling Snubbed By Bush

LONDON - Former US President George Bush’s advisers believed that JK Rowling’s books “encouraged witchcraft” and thus deprived the author from a top US honour, reveals a new book.

The book, titled ‘Speechless: Tales of a White House Survivor’-written by Matt Latimer, an ex-speechwriter for Bush-has revealed that the Scots-based Harry Potter author was nominated for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

But White House officials raised an objection against the move, saying that she promoted sorcery in her boy wizard series, which has been made into smash-hit movies starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Thus they stopped Rowling from receiving the US’s top gong for civilians who contribute to America, world peace or culture, reports The Sun.

So was bush the president of America or of some back water Affraican nation that changes it name every other week? Becuase honestly looking at his years in office it's kind of hard to tell.

Best Video -EVER-


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Settlers 7

Jesus Beeping Christ, have I been in a coma or something? Last I heard about this series it was like Settlers 4 or something like that.

Oh well at least they haven't been bitten by the "must not number things so people can actually work out where it falls" bug.

Oh and looks pretty cool. But honestly I'd rather the board game version they show there, then I might actually play board games :D

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Logos: Fuck Off NOW!

Seriously I already paid for the game, take your corporate logo and powered by bullshit and shove it up your ass.

I detest games when every time I load them up for a bit of fun I've got between 20 and 40 seconds of bullshit logos I've already seen with no fucking skip button. You want to advertise to me about how good you are? Give me the fucking game for free otherwise a 2 second splash logo is enough, I already gave you my money.

Defence Grid, a really awesome game on the XBLA, is really bad at it, 3 logo screens each lasting 20 seconds before you get another loading screen lasting 20 seconds before you finally get to press start. It's a good game, I thanked you for making it by GIVING YOU MONEY so stop fucking annoying me.

I wouldn't mind it so much if it only did it the first time you loaded the game, you know like PC games have been doing for OH I DON'T KNOW 20 FUCKING YEARS but every time I load a game?

At the risk of loosing my nerd card, I really don't give a shit what company made the tech you're using to power the game I'm about to play, yes it looks pretty, it's fun to play, but fuck off with the damn logos all over my screen, Batman AA is pretty bad at this, but at least its all the logos at once not in sequence.

Oh and what's up with DVDs I PAID for doing the same thing? That stupid fucking anti-theft ad at the front? FUCK OFF I GAVE YOU MONEY for this movie slapping an unskippable bullshit ad on the front is akin to punching another guy in the nuts, just not cricket.


Wow, I feel better now.

If Video Games Were Realistic

The funny people over at have a nice series of images detailing what would happen If Video Games Were Realistic

Check it out

Batman Rules

If you've been wondering why I haven't been online or talking to people recently, this is it, best game of the year, fucking awesome, fucking addictive, and just plain a lot of fun.

How to make Linux 90% less annoying!

So all the fucking time I hear, read, or smell about how great Linux is and how everyone not using it is an idiot, how Microsoft is evil, Apple is eviler, and the FOSS movement will save your soul...

It's bullshit.

Not even getting into the whole retail vs. free debate, or even a debate about OS stability, or even techinical mertit I would like to say 90% of the fucking annoyence I've had with working on Linux system is this...

There is no fucking installer format

If you're a windows user and have only ever used Windows you might not know what I mean, an EXE file you download off a website to install that new flashy game (which is likely full of spyware) is an installer.

Linux doesn't have that, you look around the web searching for a program to suit a need, find something that might suit and ... then you have to fuck around with downloading source files and command lines... or opening up an application to search an online repository of programs and then finding it.

I tell you right now, it might get easier to use, it might even just as good as installers, but you know what? People know how to install shit, even if they don't know what installing is (I use to work in IT retail, I had people call it everything from copying to downloading to uploading).

I know when I was trying to get a media player installed onto a Linux Netbook for a friend that I got incredibly frustrated trying to do it, on Windows ita a matter of one click on a website and a double click on the installer and I was off. That's it.

No CLI, No fucking around with mirrors and file services... It just fucking worked.

So until you can sort out a way to do that on Linux, SHUT THE FUCK UP about how good it is.


Woot. I love days like this, could be I'm weird but I wish I'd be alive for the 22nd of the 2nd 2222 or 22/2/2222 just for the number love.

Assassin's Creed II Gameplay Video

I think "Fucking Sweet" just about covers it.

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Debut Trailer

I think "meh" just about covers it.

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Taking Back English

Over the last few decades English as a language has been degraded by various factors to the point where it's becoming almost as convoluted as the plot of a Tom Clancy novel.

Homosexuality is an abnormal sexual orientation.

That sentence is a perfect example of what I am talking about the ultra left nutjobs would scream about hate speech and descrimination, and the ultra right nutjobs would nod their heads along sagely.

However, they are both fucking wrong. Lets look at the word abnormal, it means not normal, and normal means something common to the majority of a group, that's all it means, it makes no moral judgement about the validity of the practice or circumstances, just that it is common to the majority, the same can be said about the word abnormal, simply that it is part of a minority of a group.

It was once normal to own slaves, to beat ones wife, and to go out killing, raping, and pillaging neighbouring villages.

It was also once abnormal to think that all people are equal, that violence should be the last resort, and that we should try to get along.

Without proper context the sentence above is truly neutral, it doesn't pass judgement either way, the words are simple and factually accurate. Now I chose a sentence that would provoke strong feelings in those that read it, my own feelings on the matter are irrelevant but well known, here's a hint I'm for any-one doing anything so long as everyone involved is willing and above the age of consent.

What does matter in this instance is that people can't recognise context any-more, they instead try to invent new phrases and words to avoid offending people, rather then use a perfectly good word such as abnormal they come up with crap like non-standard, which is just plain dumb.

And it's not just the left wing PC wackadoodles that are to blame either, it's also the right wing fuckwits who assign their own flawed moral values to neutral words. Words matter, they can make you cry, make you happy, or make you angry, I don't think anyone could dispute that, but without context they are fucking neutral.

So in closing I'd just like to say, stop fucking with my language you god-damn twits, use your damn brains and recognise context.