How to make Linux 90% less annoying!

So all the fucking time I hear, read, or smell about how great Linux is and how everyone not using it is an idiot, how Microsoft is evil, Apple is eviler, and the FOSS movement will save your soul...

It's bullshit.

Not even getting into the whole retail vs. free debate, or even a debate about OS stability, or even techinical mertit I would like to say 90% of the fucking annoyence I've had with working on Linux system is this...

There is no fucking installer format

If you're a windows user and have only ever used Windows you might not know what I mean, an EXE file you download off a website to install that new flashy game (which is likely full of spyware) is an installer.

Linux doesn't have that, you look around the web searching for a program to suit a need, find something that might suit and ... then you have to fuck around with downloading source files and command lines... or opening up an application to search an online repository of programs and then finding it.

I tell you right now, it might get easier to use, it might even just as good as installers, but you know what? People know how to install shit, even if they don't know what installing is (I use to work in IT retail, I had people call it everything from copying to downloading to uploading).

I know when I was trying to get a media player installed onto a Linux Netbook for a friend that I got incredibly frustrated trying to do it, on Windows ita a matter of one click on a website and a double click on the installer and I was off. That's it.

No CLI, No fucking around with mirrors and file services... It just fucking worked.

So until you can sort out a way to do that on Linux, SHUT THE FUCK UP about how good it is.


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