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Settlers 7

Jesus Beeping Christ, have I been in a coma or something? Last I heard about this series it was like Settlers 4 or something like that.

Oh well at least they haven't been bitten by the "must not number things so people can actually work out where it falls" bug.

Oh and looks pretty cool. But honestly I'd rather the board game version they show there, then I might actually play board games :D

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Logos: Fuck Off NOW!

Seriously I already paid for the game, take your corporate logo and powered by bullshit and shove it up your ass.

I detest games when every time I load them up for a bit of fun I've got between 20 and 40 seconds of bullshit logos I've already seen with no fucking skip button. You want to advertise to me about how good you are? Give me the fucking game for free otherwise a 2 second splash logo is enough, I already gave you my money.

Defence Grid, a really awesome game on the XBLA, is really bad at it, 3 logo screens each lasting 20 seconds before you get another loading screen lasting 20 seconds before you finally get to press start. It's a good game, I thanked you for making it by GIVING YOU MONEY so stop fucking annoying me.

I wouldn't mind it so much if it only did it the first time you loaded the game, you know like PC games have been doing for OH I DON'T KNOW 20 FUCKING YEARS but every time I load a game?

At the risk of loosing my nerd card, I really don't give a shit what company made the tech you're using to power the game I'm about to play, yes it looks pretty, it's fun to play, but fuck off with the damn logos all over my screen, Batman AA is pretty bad at this, but at least its all the logos at once not in sequence.

Oh and what's up with DVDs I PAID for doing the same thing? That stupid fucking anti-theft ad at the front? FUCK OFF I GAVE YOU MONEY for this movie slapping an unskippable bullshit ad on the front is akin to punching another guy in the nuts, just not cricket.


Wow, I feel better now.

If Video Games Were Realistic

The funny people over at have a nice series of images detailing what would happen If Video Games Were Realistic

Check it out

Batman Rules

If you've been wondering why I haven't been online or talking to people recently, this is it, best game of the year, fucking awesome, fucking addictive, and just plain a lot of fun.

How to make Linux 90% less annoying!

So all the fucking time I hear, read, or smell about how great Linux is and how everyone not using it is an idiot, how Microsoft is evil, Apple is eviler, and the FOSS movement will save your soul...

It's bullshit.

Not even getting into the whole retail vs. free debate, or even a debate about OS stability, or even techinical mertit I would like to say 90% of the fucking annoyence I've had with working on Linux system is this...

There is no fucking installer format

If you're a windows user and have only ever used Windows you might not know what I mean, an EXE file you download off a website to install that new flashy game (which is likely full of spyware) is an installer.

Linux doesn't have that, you look around the web searching for a program to suit a need, find something that might suit and ... then you have to fuck around with downloading source files and command lines... or opening up an application to search an online repository of programs and then finding it.

I tell you right now, it might get easier to use, it might even just as good as installers, but you know what? People know how to install shit, even if they don't know what installing is (I use to work in IT retail, I had people call it everything from copying to downloading to uploading).

I know when I was trying to get a media player installed onto a Linux Netbook for a friend that I got incredibly frustrated trying to do it, on Windows ita a matter of one click on a website and a double click on the installer and I was off. That's it.

No CLI, No fucking around with mirrors and file services... It just fucking worked.

So until you can sort out a way to do that on Linux, SHUT THE FUCK UP about how good it is.


Woot. I love days like this, could be I'm weird but I wish I'd be alive for the 22nd of the 2nd 2222 or 22/2/2222 just for the number love.

Assassin's Creed II Gameplay Video

I think "Fucking Sweet" just about covers it.

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Debut Trailer

I think "meh" just about covers it.

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