Sequel Needed: The Day The Earth Stood Still (Remake)

So here I am thinking about a movie I watched months ago, wondering if anyone else got the ending... I decided then and there I was going to make this post, you see the remake of the classic Sci-Fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still was not only crap it had one of the stupidest endings ever, if you look at it from a "what would really happen after this" point of view.

I'm thinking of making this a series of posts called "Sequel Needed", anyway on with the show.

You see Expressionless Man (Keanu Reeves) comes to Earth to talk over what we are doing to our planet, something about there only being so many life supporting worlds out there and watching us kill one is kind of a downer, so he shows up, the yanks being yanks shoot him, hold him against his will, and refuse to allow him to speak to the UN (though what he thinks the UN can do is anyone's guess, it's a toothless tiger).

Anyway skipping over the stupid, the movie ends with him being convinced by a young black kid and his white step mother to spare the human race, you see he was going to kills us all with a swarm of nano-machines or some shit, only he changes his mind and instead stops all our current technology from working... that's right boys and girls, no cars, no planes, no power stations, no Ipods, even fucking wrist watches stop working...

And this is him showing mercy I'd hate to be on his bad side... I'd personally rather of being obliterated by WMD in one step rather then deal with the fall out of his "mercy". No I'm not showing my geeky roots, I'm not talking about life without internet... I'm talking about starving to fucking death.

Let's check the death tool from his "mercy", first off no power, okay everyone on life support in hospitals everywhere just died, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, old people, new born babies, just died. Millions dead. Everyone in an aeroplane, dead. Millions dead in car accidents, dead, dead.

Now we get to the real fun, no cars/planes/boats? How are we going to harvest our food and then transport it? Oh what? we can't? That's BILLIONS dead over the next few months, in one of the worst ways imaginable. Yea look up what a horrible way that is to go, and this is him showing fucking mercy? Jesus.

At a guess I'd say something like 90% of the Human Race would be dead within a year of the end of that movie, maybe more given what happens when you put a ton of dead bodies in one spot (pandemic time!), and then guess what? The survivors are going to be pissed the fuck off, this is where the sequel is needed, let's call it The Day The Earth Stood Still: Humanity's Revenge.

Knowing that there is alien life out there and they royally fucked us over would do what thousands of years of war, kings, queens, emperors, prime-ministers, fuhrers, and presidents have failed to do, unite humanity in a common cause, getting revenge.

As a race we're not a nice group of people, I personally think if Aliens ever show up above our planet they'll take one look at the shit we're capable of and run like hell.

I could see our race spending centuries rebuilding, making technology that works around whatever this dick did, building interstellar vessels, weapons of incredible destruction, and breeding, all the while teaching our children to hate this guy, and then one day, we'd go to war. And that's where I want the movie to be based, us fucking up this "Federation of Races" that decided it was allowed to murder our people.

The remake makes the following assumptions, technology is evil, we'd be better off living in caves, and people as a group are capable of forgiveness... err big fucking no on both counts. We do need to treat our planet better, but Christ, the death of billions is not a fucking a fucking answer. Fucking Hollywood bullshit.


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