Sequel Needed: The Day The Earth Stood Still (Remake)

So here I am thinking about a movie I watched months ago, wondering if anyone else got the ending... I decided then and there I was going to make this post, you see the remake of the classic Sci-Fi movie The Day the Earth Stood Still was not only crap it had one of the stupidest endings ever, if you look at it from a "what would really happen after this" point of view.

I'm thinking of making this a series of posts called "Sequel Needed", anyway on with the show.

You see Expressionless Man (Keanu Reeves) comes to Earth to talk over what we are doing to our planet, something about there only being so many life supporting worlds out there and watching us kill one is kind of a downer, so he shows up, the yanks being yanks shoot him, hold him against his will, and refuse to allow him to speak to the UN (though what he thinks the UN can do is anyone's guess, it's a toothless tiger).

Anyway skipping over the stupid, the movie ends with him being convinced by a young black kid and his white step mother to spare the human race, you see he was going to kills us all with a swarm of nano-machines or some shit, only he changes his mind and instead stops all our current technology from working... that's right boys and girls, no cars, no planes, no power stations, no Ipods, even fucking wrist watches stop working...

And this is him showing mercy I'd hate to be on his bad side... I'd personally rather of being obliterated by WMD in one step rather then deal with the fall out of his "mercy". No I'm not showing my geeky roots, I'm not talking about life without internet... I'm talking about starving to fucking death.

Let's check the death tool from his "mercy", first off no power, okay everyone on life support in hospitals everywhere just died, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers, old people, new born babies, just died. Millions dead. Everyone in an aeroplane, dead. Millions dead in car accidents, dead, dead.

Now we get to the real fun, no cars/planes/boats? How are we going to harvest our food and then transport it? Oh what? we can't? That's BILLIONS dead over the next few months, in one of the worst ways imaginable. Yea look up what a horrible way that is to go, and this is him showing fucking mercy? Jesus.

At a guess I'd say something like 90% of the Human Race would be dead within a year of the end of that movie, maybe more given what happens when you put a ton of dead bodies in one spot (pandemic time!), and then guess what? The survivors are going to be pissed the fuck off, this is where the sequel is needed, let's call it The Day The Earth Stood Still: Humanity's Revenge.

Knowing that there is alien life out there and they royally fucked us over would do what thousands of years of war, kings, queens, emperors, prime-ministers, fuhrers, and presidents have failed to do, unite humanity in a common cause, getting revenge.

As a race we're not a nice group of people, I personally think if Aliens ever show up above our planet they'll take one look at the shit we're capable of and run like hell.

I could see our race spending centuries rebuilding, making technology that works around whatever this dick did, building interstellar vessels, weapons of incredible destruction, and breeding, all the while teaching our children to hate this guy, and then one day, we'd go to war. And that's where I want the movie to be based, us fucking up this "Federation of Races" that decided it was allowed to murder our people.

The remake makes the following assumptions, technology is evil, we'd be better off living in caves, and people as a group are capable of forgiveness... err big fucking no on both counts. We do need to treat our planet better, but Christ, the death of billions is not a fucking a fucking answer. Fucking Hollywood bullshit.

Is it time for new laws concerning journalists?

Over the last few weeks I've been considering a question, the question is is it time for new laws concerning journalists?

Journalists in most western nations have unparalleled freedoms when it comes to what they print, but increasing they are abusing those freedoms.

I'm not talking about journalists who publish exposes about war crimes, or dirty corporations, those journalists need those freedoms.

The journalists I'm talking about are the ones bombarding us with information about so-called "celebrities" private lives.

Just look at all the news coverage Tiger Woods has gotten in recent weeks, I'm not saying what he did was right, I'm also not saying what he did was wrong, it's not my place to judge a man whose claim to fame is the ability to play a really good game of golf.

For the most part defamation and libel laws only protect people from false hoods (and poorly at that), they don't protect people from having their private lives dragged out in front of the world. If he was a world leader or some other major figure whose ethics are vital to his job I could see it being in the public's interest to know, but he's not, he's a golf player, and he's just one example of the media dragging private lives of people into the public domain.

In my considered opinion the public doesn't have the right to know shit about him other then his latest score. It has been argued that they put themselves in the spot light so they're fair game... To that I say bull-fucking-shit. That's a watered down version of "she dressed in a mini-skirt so she deserves to get raped".

There is also the argument that they're "role-models" for children. Now as I've made myself known on a number of occasions I could give two shits about children or the catch-cry of "oh wont someone think of the children" but in this case it does have some merit, yes they are role-models, for how to sign or play a damn sport, not to be a perfect human being, these is no such beast, any more then Unicorns exist. Parents should be teaching their children how to live, how to make moral and ethical choices, not expecting sports players and artists to do it for them.

So with that in my mind, I think a new form of law needs to be introduced regarding journalists and the media in general, one that allows people to sue not just on the grounds of the truth of an article, but on one of the public's right to know.

The public has a right to know if some company is dumping toxins into their drinking water, undisputed.

Does the public have a right to know that celebrity a likes to have sex in a coffin? fuck no. And he/she should be able to sue a publication for making it known.

Now I know what you're asking, how would that help anything? the information would still be out there, well the first few times it wouldn't help, but after the first multi-million dollar judgement news papers and other media would start to think twice before publishing an article about someone's private life.

Well that's my 2 cents.

What do you think?


mmmmmmmmmmm now this is a vampire a movie, no fucking sparkles in sight, just blood, death, sex, and gore! Vampires are back baby!

Oh and "We're the folks with the crossbows" is a fucking awesome line. Die Twilight, Long Live True Vampires!

Iron Man 2

I think I need to change my pants...

The word "super"

So here I am reading an article about Guantanamo bay inmates being sent to "supermax" when I got to thinking... why the fuck do people feel the need to add the word "super" to everything?

Let's think about it, "supermax" means super maximum security in this context... so maximum by definition means the most... super maximum doesn't make any fucking sense, you can't make maximum more fucking maximum it's already maximum.

And while I'm here, why do they need to call the US aircraft carriers "super carriers" I mean FFS ships already have classes, and one class might be bigger then another of the same type, why the fuck do they need to add super to the front...

Fuck. I swear people hate English. I blame Superman, without that degenerate interplanetary refuge we wouldn't have this obsession with adding super to every-fucking-thing.

What's next? Super ATM Machines (Yes I know, it's suppose to be there)?

Super Car washes?

Grrr fucking people shit me.

Star Trek TNG Rap

And just to cheer myself up after that massive rant below, I thought I'd share this very awesome Star Trek parody. Yes it's rap, but give it a chance, it's good and actually funny.

Damn the children. Damn them to hell

Damn the children. Damn them to hell.

I'm so fucking sick to death of the "oh wont someone think of the children" crowd. Screw the damn children, look after your own stinking kids you fat headed morons.

In case your wondering what brought this on, it was hearing from someone how his legally purchased copy of Left 4 Dead 2 was stopped by Australian customs.

If you've been living in a cave you might not of heard about how the game was "refused classification" or "banned" in Australia due to the fact that the fuckwits running the country have no fucking clue actually plays games... you know adults.

But oh no, games are for kids, so we don't need an 18+ rating, so anything that exceeds the M15+ rating is "banned". For the record from what I've seen of the game, it's not a kiddy game and does need an "adult's only" rating, you know if we had one in this country.

I'm not even interested in this game, hell I haven't played any of the "banned" games over the last few years, not because I respect the law in this case, or because I'm afraid of getting caught, but because I'm not interested in those types of games.

But even still, seeing stuff banned for "the sake of the children" just makes my blood boil, we have X rated movies, kids are allowed to read crap like twilight which is basically a how-to guide for setting up an abusive relationship...

Speaking of books, is there even a ratings system for books? I've got some stuff in my collection that has some fairly detailed bloodshed/sex in them and no sign of any kind of rating, all purchased in stores. The John Ringo Kildar (good story, horrible politics not even subtly hinted at) series for example has descriptions of people getting their limbs blown off, graphic depictions of sex, and that's just the fucking TAME stuff in them. If it was a movie it would be R18, easy.

But oh no, we can't shoot zombies in a video game. And everytime the hint of boobies comes out in a game (see Mass Effect) it's like someone set fire to their bibles.

The same rational is use to defend the idea of a national internet censor... how about parents actually freaking take responsibility for their spawn and look after them and stop infringing on the rights of adults.

I'm so fucking sick of this crap. I don't have kids, I don't want kids ever and all I hear about is how we need to screw over the adults for the sake of the children, but there is an easier cheaper way to deal with this shit, make parents actually parent their kids... rather then plomping them down in front of the computer, TV, or X-Box.

It's time like this I want out of this damn country, fucking moralistic hypocrites ruining things for everyone else, fuck you, fuck your god, fuck your holybook, fuck your moralising, I'm sick of you twats, live and fucking let live you cunts, leave us alone.

Come to think of it, all the name calling, swearing, and just plain ranting isn't like helping my case... oh well. Fuck 'em, they'll just blame it on all the video games I played growing up and ignore my argument anyway.

WoW is a seductive beast.

World of Warcraft is evil. I'd just like to get that out there. I played for a good four years almost non-stop, with only small week or two breaks here and there, and finally about 6/7 months ago quit.

I've been doing good. Now I'm not bashing anyone who likes WoW, each their own and all that, it is after all a fairly good game if you can get passed it's community of retards.

It's just I found it was the only game I was playing, I'd hardly play anything else, instead of reading a book, I'd play WoW, instead of watching a movie, I'd play WoW, instead of writing I'd play WoW, instead of working on a coding project or video or any other hobby I use to have, I'd play WoW.

I think you've got the point, it was taking over my leisure actives, which before WoW (and to a degree AO) were veried and while geeky, much more rounded.

Funny thing is, I didn't notice any of that until after I quit the soul-sucker, I quit because I was bored with all the existing content, the headaches (literal and figurative) that would come after long frustrating raid sessions, and then after I'd done a few bits here and there that I was actually interested in... that would be it for the week, nothing else to do. But I'd still log in, and sit there... for hours... doing nothing in-game or out.

I mentioned the community above... well if you've played WoW you know it's about one step above non-stop 24/7 riot without the police showing, and I don't mean the fun kinds of riots, I mean the burn down everything in sight while hurling hideous memes at everyone kind of riots.

And the forums were worse.

Err... this isn't going how I intended... anyway my point when I started this post was to related that today I was watching the IGN daily fix and they mentioned a new WoW patch, and then I got an email from blizzard about free game time if I wanted... then I noticed a video for the WoW patch on IGN in the other content box at the end of the video...

I've watched and looked at WoW content since I quit, but damn Blizzard knows how to make a good cinematic, always has, I've often said that if they went into CGI movies with their current staff of writers and artists they could put Dreamworks and Fixar would of the game in months.

So I was sitting here tonight, feeling slightly bored, unable to go play Dragon Age or AC2 due to the sleeping child in the lounge room (her mum's sick and we're baby sitting for a few days while she's in the hospital), and there sitting in my inbox is the WoW invite... taunting me... seducing me with it's tight lines and free epics...

But no! I've 6 months clean! I can enjoy other games! I've seen more movies in 6 months then I have in the last 5 years, and I'm finally making head way through the stack of books I brought over that time that I'd "been meaning to read".

So no WoW, you wont seduce me again! I'm not falling for your lies again!

Now if only cigarettes would as easy to quit I'd be free of my most self-destructive vices.

Victoria's Secret Commercial By Michael Bay HD

Okay, this is what the guy should stick too, rather then raping my childhood with movies like Transformers.

The Irony of The ABC

Last night as I was laying in bed about to drift off to sleep, a copy of a Honor Harrington book on my bedside table, I had just finished rereading one of the chapters on Haven and it's dictatorial rule, and state owned and controlled media when a thought occurred to me.

"State owned media is almost always portrayed as 'evil' yet I trust the ABC far more then any commercial media outlet"

It struck me so hard I laughed. The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Company) is state owned and regulated, but not directly controlled, with many many people in Australia choosing it over commercial outlets due to it's reputation as serious and honest. Sure the government make a big stink now and then about "bias", but I've seen conservatives and liberals both make the same claims over the years, and other news outlets just plain hate them, so I ignore it.

Isn't an irony that people have started to trust state owned media more then the so-called "free" press to deliver real unbiased news about real world issues? I don't trust Newscorp or any other local Australian media, and I definitely don't trust places like Fox or CNN with their blatant bias, one on either side of the political fence.

When did this happen? It should never of happened, but really it was bound to happen when the media companies got so big they started to be able to impact the news they were suppose to be reporting.

Then there is the issue of profit, the search for the almighty dollar, I'm far from a communist, but when you start putting profit as the main motivator of a news organisation it's naturally going to lead to pandering to your audience, and that's when you start being news and start being entertainment.

The ABC is tax-payer funded, it doesn't have to worry about making a profit or ratings or any of that other dribble, so it actually reports the news as it happens, rather then slapping their own opinions on it or slanting the story to appeal to their subscribers.

There is also the factor of the ABC does less "cute" and "cleb" stories then their commercial competitors. If I'm watching the news I want news, not a story about some cleb I don't care about screwing around, or some dog down a drain.

I realise this is starting to sound like a love letter to the ABC, and that wasn't my intent, as a media outlet it's far from perfect, but in today's world it's vitally important that we fight to keep it, otherwise all we'll be left with is people like NewsCorp, and noone (apart from Murdoc, who recently said he wants the ABC out of news because it's "unfair") wants that.

And don't get me started on NewsCorps opinion of Blogs, for a company that blantently rips them off all the time on their sites, without even fact checking the stories, calling Blogs plagiarism and theft to be the hight of bullshit.

Anyway I'm done for now, I still think it's funny that I've come to trust a state-owned media outlet far more then any other source.