British PM tweets bickie of choice...

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has finally crumbled and revealed his answer to one of the nation's most pressing questions – what is his favourite biscuit.

The PM was repeatedly asked to name his favourite bickie during a live online question and answer session with hundreds of mothers on the Mumsnet website last week.

Conservative leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg had both answered the same question first time, with oatcakes and Rich Tea biscuits top of their lists.

And this is why the internet is perhaps the stupidest way to communicate with "ordinary" people.

They asked him that retarded question 8 freaking times. After the third time I personally would have told them to bog off and come back when they thought up something relevant to ask.

And then he obviously got smacked around by his PR team and was forced to go back and post an answer.

Of all the questions you could think to ask the leader of your nation... you ask him what his favourite biscuit is? What utter stupidity.

That would be like going back in time, having exactly one question to ask of Einstein and asking him "so dude what's with the hair?"


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