This just in EA is Stupid with a capital S

EA has a new way to annoy its own models: give out prizes for Comic Con attendees who commit acts of lust with their booth babes. Also, if you win, you get to take the lady out to dinner!

Okay... okay... I don't know how anyone can think this is a good idea at all... Honestly it's the kind of stupid that's up there with Darwin Award winners for plain dumb-assery.

99% of people that go to these things, male or female, are decent human beings who just want to have a bit of fun, but there is always that guy... you know that guy who everyone is afraid of because he's batshit insane who will ruin it for everyone. You know the guy who you don't even joke around with because you're afraid he'll take your suggestion of eating live chicken heads seriously.

I just know this can't end well. In other news, water is wet.

Leverage is Back!

Woot is the only word I can think of right now to describe how I feel about Leverage being back, smart, funny, and exceptionally well acted.

It's TV show's like Leverage that prove you don't need to dumb things down to the lowest common denominator or rely on dick and bum jokes to be funny.

I've heard it described as a "US Hustle" and I just think that's unfair, totally different beasts, Leverage is more modern day Robin Hood, not that both shows aren't great, but Leverage is a little less in love with itself and has more action.

Plus Beth Riesgraf who plays Parker is freaking hot.

Linux Is Evil.

So its been a good two or three years since I last used a Linux system, and god almighty I remember why I use to have migraines afterwards now.

They say you forget pain after a time, otherwise we'd have negative population growth, after all what woman would of had more then one kid before the advent of narcotic pain killers? I believe it now.

I used Linux as a server system, I'd access it via a CLI (command-line interface) from my nice and cosy WindowsXP work space, and as a server O/S it was pretty good even then, the late 90s when I first got stuck into it.

I tried Red Hat and err some CD only version I can't remember as well for a bit, but I never really got into them, as I needed Windows at work and at home I really just wanted to game and do web stuff without cocking around, so I went back to Windows full time after a while.

Now before you start flaming me and telling me I suck Bill Gate's cock, I'm not a rabid fanboy of any sort, I don't give a shit who uses what and I'm not on an evangelical crusade to convert the great unwashed, unlike some.

My issue comes when things get pushed onto people, and that's what happened today.

My grandmother went into town with a friend to get a new cheap EeePC (you know one of those tiny laptops with solid state memory) for just browsing the web, after getting my advice, so I gave it and told them to swing back later for setup.

I'd already set up a number of them without issue, but those were all XP versions, and foolish me after telling them explicitly to ask for a Window's version they came back with a damn linux version.

Let me just say I didn't actually mind the interface it had, it was fairly easy to get online, about the same as any late version Windows or Mac machine, but the problem came in when I tried to install something... Have you tried typing on those little things when you can crush a football with one hand? And Linux is all about the typing, but I muddled onwards, but not after ringing and asking if they could swap for an XP version, no they couldn't since the closest XP version was $200 more... lasigh.

After a bit of back and forth with the guy to get to that point he said "Linux is better then Windows" and he was lucky my Nana was in the room and I wasn't near him in person... so he got away without me swearing a blue streak or giving him a broke nose. Linux isn't better then Windows, and Windows isn't better then Linux, they are different systems for different people, my Nana can install software on Windows, its point and fucking click, you tried installing shit on linux if its not in the distro installed? IT’S A FUCKING NIGHTMARE

Anyway I pointed out to him calmly that he should of warned her she was buying a linux machine and he said "Well she was in the computer section looking at laptops so I assumed she knew what she wanted"... he works at Harvy Fucking Norman. I sent her there because its got decent after-sales support so I wouldn't have to deal with it, people who work at Harvy Norman shouldn't assume anything about their customers, never mind my Nana is pushing 76…

I rightly pointed out to him that most people don’t even know there are other O/S’ then Windows and those few normal customers who do only know of Windows and the Mac O/S… Linux is virtually unknown to normal customers, and people working at fucking Harvy Norman should know this shit, I never sold machine with Linux on it unless I made totally sure they understood it wasn’t Windows and didn’t have most of the stuff they were use to and was going to take a lot of effort to understand, Christ…

Anyway back to the topic at hand, which isn’t ranting at the idiocy of Harvy Norman “Techies”, Linux is fine for people who enjoy playing around with their O/S and having a lot of choices, but for the love of god, normal people would be totally lost, it took me 30mins to work out how to get the system to full desktop, never mind installing a decent media player capable of playing content off my server…

That reminds me I still need to work out a way to do that without it copying the entire file over first… which is a massive pain, Windows streams media files from a share, why can’t Linux? I’ve done it the other way around, files on a linux server streamed to a Windows PC, but Linux just wont stream content. But yea, Linux is very unfun and I’ve got a headache, but at least it's done and the person who purchased the laptop is happy enough, at least it came with Mozilla rather then the browse I remember as default from my Red Hat days... I shudder just remembering that... thing

But I suppose my main point is, don't sell computer systems that run Linux to people without clearly explaining to them what the fuck Linux is PLEASE, it just makes the geeks around them suffer.

WoW Player Threatens to Hijack Plane

The 18-year-old from Johnson County, Indiana, said that he "was going to board a plane at 7:30 to Chicago and that (he) was going to try and kill as many Americans as possible," ...... Predictably, Blizzard employees saw the announcements and notified the proper authorities. The teen quickly backpedaled, claiming that someone had hacked his account, but that didn't stop the FBI from seizing his computer to investigate the incident further.

Jesus Christ on a freaking pogo stick are some people just born without the brain power of a flea or what? I mean honestly what posseses someone to think saying crap like that is a good freaking idea even if the Post Bush USA?

Metroid Prime Trilogy Trailer

This is about the only reason I wish I could get over my disinterest in the Wii controller, I love Metroid games, and I feel that they play better with a proper controller, the Wii thing is okay for some games, but the majority of the titles I'm interested in are just too fiddly.

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Censorship Online: Think of the Children

With things like the Great Firewall of Australia on the horizon are things online getting out of hand?

The catch cry of the day is "Think of the children!!!!1!oneoneone", and frankly, I'm sick of thinking of the children, I'm not a parent, I am an uncle though, and its the parents responsibility to raise the child, not the states, the whole idea that the internet is a safe spot to let children wander unattended is ludicrous.

You don't let your kids out alone at 2am if you've got half a freaking brain, so why are you letting them on-line without supervising them? I know parental responsibility is out of fashion these days, but come-on, why should adults be punished because some idiot parents want another TV like babysitter for their spawn.

I've got an idea, how about if you Mr Rudd are really serious about protecting children you take the massive amount of money you're pissing down the drain on this firewall and just hand it over to the AFP (Australian Federal Police) to chase down the real threats to children, child molesters. I can tell you know it will do a hell of a lot more good, because from what I see of your "firewall" it will take anyone with half a brain 10mins to get around.

There are real threats out there on the Internet, but the only way to protect children online is to educate their parents, not throw up artificial barriers that punish everyone, or hey if you are totally committed to going ahead with this stupid idea, how about you make it opt-in and mandate that ISPs ask when people sign up for an account?

I don't want any government, even one I voted for, telling me what I can or can not read online! Where will it end?

TMNT: Turtles in Time

IGN does a pretty mean preview of the upcoming TMNT rehash, I remember playing this game on the SNES and loving it, and I'm glad they are just updating the graphics and leaving the game play alone :)

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Mech Warrior Reboot: Freaking sweet!

Well I loved the old MechWarrior games and the BattleTech universe in general, so damn am I looking forward to this or what! I just hope a decent joystick will be out for the 360 by then.

Hot Damn: Bugatti Veyron

Now as anyone who knows me will tell you I'm not a big car person, hell for a guy who's father is a mechanic I'm a shocker, I can't tell a Ford from a Holden most days, basically all I care about a car is if it works and how much it costs.

Oh I can do basic maintenance, change the oil, etc but anything more and I'm smarter then the average joe here, I take it to someone with skills to get the damn thing fixed.

Yes you're saying I'm an egotistical jerk, but frankly the ability to recognise you don't have the skill to do a job is rare as Hen's teeth nowadays, I learnt that working in a computer store for 4 years, people are always biting off more then they can chew.

Anyway back to the topic at hand, the Bugatti Veyron is one freaking hot bit of gear, click the link for more info, but for the price it would want to be.

Insanely expensive and damn sexy are the two best words I can think of for it, something to dream about buying when you hit the lotto.

Late Night Gaming: Just Don't

So, if you've ever had trouble sleeping and thought to yourself "I'll go play a video game for an hour or so until I get sleepy" you have an idea what this is about.

Last night I had a tooth ache, don't know why, its been good lately, but I couldn't sleep and the pain killers just weren't kicking in, so I said to myself, I'd go play some Fallout 3 to take my mind off it, and get sleepy.

4 Hours later, at almost 5am! I finally climbed into bed, that would of been fine if I had actually been playing... you see because I was half asleep when I was playing I played for almost two hours without doing any saves other then auto save, a major noob mistake, and some where along the line I vendored my damn Gause Rifle by mistake.

Now I love my little cannon of hot kinetic death so I frantically scrambled around back to vendors seeing if I could buy it back, after half an hour of fruitless searching I gave up and loaded up my last real save, dropping 3 side quests and about 4,000 bottle caps worth of vendoring, which was still in my damn inventory.

Moral of the story, don't play while tired >.< well at least its not as bad as the time I spent 4000 gold on crap on wow and respecced all my characters at 4am.

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