Microsoft can fuck off.

So I'm doing my online study and I'm starting to get really fucking pissed off. I signed up for IT Applications and Software Development, I did not sign up for Microsoft Applications and Microsoft Development.


I use Google Docs for everything, mainly because I do not use pirate software (anymore) and I'm not dropping hundreds of fucking dollars on something I do not fucking need.

Just today I had to muddle through some stupid fucking spreadsheet bullshit that was written for people exclusively using MS Excel, it was a fucking nightmare, rather then explaining how to do the formulas they simply gave them and said use these menus... fucking wonderful. Then they wanted a macro.... GAH. FUCK IT.

Seriously sick of this shit.

Laws We Need (Part 1)

I've been thinking a lot lately about things that are fucked up in our (western) society.

You often hear people bitching about "fine print" with the reply "we'll it's your own fault you didn't read it before signing it"

Have those people tried reading some of the fucking "simple" contracts out there? They are about as easy to read as War and Peace, even signing up for a $2 a month service can have a 20 page long contract.

It's stupid and needs changing, I propose the following law.

All consumer contracts must have a correspondence plain text version written in such a way an average adult can comprehend what they are agreeing with, with a limit on the amount of text that can be used. I suggest the limit be imposed based on the value of the service, for example a mobile telephone service of $30 a month can have a plain text contract of at most 700 words.

The plain text contracts themselves must conform a set template and may not "friendly" up wording, if they can change the terms of the contract at anytime it must say that, not something about "in order to be serve bleh bleh bleh".

So what do you think?