Sports... /sigh

Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) chief John Coates has taken a swipe at Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis, saying she has gone missing on the issue of sports funding.

This week the Government received the Crawford Report, its long-awaited review of sports funding in Australia, which did not recommend the $100 million in extra funding being sought by the AOC.

Jesus Christ on a pop-sickle stick. What the fuck is wrong with these people? The world's economy is falling apart and then want a hundred million dollars extra to fund people who play sports for a living?

Fuck them, and fuck their little athletes as well. People are suffering all over the world and the nation, people are loosing their jobs left right and centre and they want us to piss away money that could be used to help them for fucking sports.

They already get too much fucking money in this country, fuck them, use it to fix the roads around here, or build more hospitals, or I don't know fix the education system.

Fuck Sports.


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