Whatever happened to the spacesim?

So I went looking for a Space Sim on the 360... only to find nothing. And only maybe 3 Flight Sims, 3 amid the masses of unwashed unplayable FPS cash-ins. I then went and looked on the PC... only to find nothing since Freespace 2 (not counting the upgrades and mods for it)...

My friend Ashleigh got me a copy of Freespace 2 over half a fucking decade ago, and by the time I got it it had already been out for a good while.

So where have all the Space Sims gone? And don't fucking tell me that those 360 Arcade games for Star Trek and Battlestar are space sims, you can only fucking move in 2d.

The space sim use to be huge, the X-Wing games, the Wing Commander games (don't get me started on the 2d movement bullshit crapfest that is the newest version, fuck you devs) and of course Freespace, so what happened?

Did the infestation of retarded Halo/CoD/MoD FPS fucktards who think anything that doesn't fit into their grey/brown shoot 'em up world is "ghay" kill them off? Their are already less and less RPGs, with only a handful of really good ones coming out each year due to the same thing.

Seriously if I can browse a store and find over a dozen new release FPS games that are all the same fucking thing when it comes down to it, but only one decent new RPG (Dragon Age), a few pre-owned Flight Sims, and not a single Space Sim, there is something seriously wrong with things.

Yea there are other genres to enjoy, but some many other gamers are only into FPS games that it's starting to ruin it for those of us who enjoy more then yet another WWII "reenactment" (because apparently only US troops took part in WWII).

I mean I enjoy some FPS games, I also enjoy RTS, RPG, etc, etc. But really less and less of those games are coming out as well, while more and more sports and FPS games are coming out. I mean seriously, are we loosing our hobby to the very people who use to deride it? The same we lost most of the Internet to the idiots!

So what happened? I really wanted to go frag some aliens in my fighter and drop some torpedos down a battle-station.

Oh btw Ace Combat 6 on the 360, the only Flight Sim I could find that looked decent (I refuse to purchase anything with Tom "I've got a US flag up my arse" Clancy's name on it), really really sucks.


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