JK Rolling Snubbed By Bush

LONDON - Former US President George Bush’s advisers believed that JK Rowling’s books “encouraged witchcraft” and thus deprived the author from a top US honour, reveals a new book.

The book, titled ‘Speechless: Tales of a White House Survivor’-written by Matt Latimer, an ex-speechwriter for Bush-has revealed that the Scots-based Harry Potter author was nominated for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

But White House officials raised an objection against the move, saying that she promoted sorcery in her boy wizard series, which has been made into smash-hit movies starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Thus they stopped Rowling from receiving the US’s top gong for civilians who contribute to America, world peace or culture, reports The Sun.


So was bush the president of America or of some back water Affraican nation that changes it name every other week? Becuase honestly looking at his years in office it's kind of hard to tell.


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