There are times I think Doctors and Dentists need to spend a few months working retail repair, either fixing cars, computers, or something like that, dealing with customers.

It would do their "bedside manner" the world of bloody good.

How many times have you held off going to see either a Doctor or a Dentist because you just didn't want to deal with them lecturing you over things?

Well, make them work retail for a few months, and they'll learn there is no quicker way to get someone's shirt up then being a smart ass and saying things like "well if you didn't download porn". Most people at that point simply want to snot you in the nose for being a prat. They know they shouldn't have done that already, they don't need you being a prick about it and rubbing their nose in it.

Doctors and Dentists need the same bloody lesson, we already know we shouldn't have done whatever we did was stupid, lecturing about us wont fucking help, all it will do is make us want to avoid you tosspots.