WoW is a seductive beast.

World of Warcraft is evil. I'd just like to get that out there. I played for a good four years almost non-stop, with only small week or two breaks here and there, and finally about 6/7 months ago quit.

I've been doing good. Now I'm not bashing anyone who likes WoW, each their own and all that, it is after all a fairly good game if you can get passed it's community of retards.

It's just I found it was the only game I was playing, I'd hardly play anything else, instead of reading a book, I'd play WoW, instead of watching a movie, I'd play WoW, instead of writing I'd play WoW, instead of working on a coding project or video or any other hobby I use to have, I'd play WoW.

I think you've got the point, it was taking over my leisure actives, which before WoW (and to a degree AO) were veried and while geeky, much more rounded.

Funny thing is, I didn't notice any of that until after I quit the soul-sucker, I quit because I was bored with all the existing content, the headaches (literal and figurative) that would come after long frustrating raid sessions, and then after I'd done a few bits here and there that I was actually interested in... that would be it for the week, nothing else to do. But I'd still log in, and sit there... for hours... doing nothing in-game or out.

I mentioned the community above... well if you've played WoW you know it's about one step above non-stop 24/7 riot without the police showing, and I don't mean the fun kinds of riots, I mean the burn down everything in sight while hurling hideous memes at everyone kind of riots.

And the forums were worse.

Err... this isn't going how I intended... anyway my point when I started this post was to related that today I was watching the IGN daily fix and they mentioned a new WoW patch, and then I got an email from blizzard about free game time if I wanted... then I noticed a video for the WoW patch on IGN in the other content box at the end of the video...

I've watched and looked at WoW content since I quit, but damn Blizzard knows how to make a good cinematic, always has, I've often said that if they went into CGI movies with their current staff of writers and artists they could put Dreamworks and Fixar would of the game in months.

So I was sitting here tonight, feeling slightly bored, unable to go play Dragon Age or AC2 due to the sleeping child in the lounge room (her mum's sick and we're baby sitting for a few days while she's in the hospital), and there sitting in my inbox is the WoW invite... taunting me... seducing me with it's tight lines and free epics...

But no! I've 6 months clean! I can enjoy other games! I've seen more movies in 6 months then I have in the last 5 years, and I'm finally making head way through the stack of books I brought over that time that I'd "been meaning to read".

So no WoW, you wont seduce me again! I'm not falling for your lies again!

Now if only cigarettes would as easy to quit I'd be free of my most self-destructive vices.


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