Evolution is a theory

Okay so I'm fucking sick to death of you fucking wack jobs, both lots of you, the intelligent design fucktards and the evolution is science so it's inconvertible moronic donkey fuckers.

Okay so I personally think evolution is the closest we've got to a real answer about how life came about (I also believe in god, shocking I know, but science by definition should be challenged and examined otherwise it's just fucking dogma. You know that shit you hate on religious folks for?

Evolution is a theory, it says right there in the fucking name, The Theory of Evolution you morons.

Now as I said above it makes sense and there is some proof that it takes place, that doesn't mean you should accept it as pure gospel truth (and the funny at using that phrase here is obvious to me thank you), science is about expanding the limits of our knowledge, until such time as there is incontrovertible proof one way or the other, or a better theory, I'm going to tell you morons to shut the fuck up, you're getting as bad as the bible bashers who think God put dinosaur bones in the ground to confuse us.

We're like small children as a race, we've just hit that point where we know just enough to understand just how much we don't know, so stop being so dogmatic and use the squishy pink stuff between your ears.


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