Blacklists don't work, try a whitelist

Every now and then you hear about some dude with a bee in his bonnet screaming "Wont somebody think of the children!!oneoneone!!!" and wanting to ban different websites using blacklists.

Okay cool, I personally have no problems with blacklists so long as they are opt-in, but you know what? They don't fucking work. Getting around a blacklist is piss easy, and new websites pop up all the time, so maintaining a blacklist is a horrible time and money sink.

Here's the fix, something a bunch of us came up with on Whirlpool years ago, and it was hardly original, it was just spit balling a way to offer a good service to schools and parents, sit down 30 representative members of whatever group you want to make the list for, and tell them to go wild on the internet, every time they find a website they don't object too, it gets added to a list.

Now take that list, write some software that prevents visiting anything outside that list, or hell just use the function built into browsers (easy as piss to get around, but most people are fuckwits), and bingo, you've got a reasonably safe internet for your kiddies.

Well until they work out how to get around it.

The government could even take it a step farther and make a central repository of these lists for parents, Muslim friend content only, Christian friendly only, etc personally I think anyone using one of those lists is a twit, but hey personal freedom is great, do what you will.

Trying to regulate the internet is like pissing into the wind, messy and very ineffective. Better to go with regulating people who want to be regulated.


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