Michael Jackson is dead... get over it.

Okay let me start off by saying yes I laughed at jokes about him over the years, but if you claim not too have done the same you're either a saint or (far more likely) a liar.

I liked some of his music, the early stuff, I feel vaguely (I didn't know him personally so I'm not going to claim some deep sadness like some dicks out there) sorry for his kids and family, just like any decent person does when someone dies, but honestly, do we need to see yet another news report about him?

He was a big name in the entertainment world, so I put up with the first few days of coverage, but after they buried him I expected them to calm the fuck down about it. But months have dragged on with them still bleeting on about it.

I even know some people who at the news thought "damn that's sad" who got angry about it all after a few days of non-stop wall to wall coverage, they were just plain pissed off about it and couldn't stand hearing any more about him. They turned off the TV in disgust, closed the browser window in anger, etc. That's when you know you've gone too far.

Come-on people... It's not news any more. It's gone far beyond tribute and reporting into exploitation. Just let it go.


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