Whatever happened to the spacesim?

So I went looking for a Space Sim on the 360... only to find nothing. And only maybe 3 Flight Sims, 3 amid the masses of unwashed unplayable FPS cash-ins. I then went and looked on the PC... only to find nothing since Freespace 2 (not counting the upgrades and mods for it)...

My friend Ashleigh got me a copy of Freespace 2 over half a fucking decade ago, and by the time I got it it had already been out for a good while.

So where have all the Space Sims gone? And don't fucking tell me that those 360 Arcade games for Star Trek and Battlestar are space sims, you can only fucking move in 2d.

The space sim use to be huge, the X-Wing games, the Wing Commander games (don't get me started on the 2d movement bullshit crapfest that is the newest version, fuck you devs) and of course Freespace, so what happened?

Did the infestation of retarded Halo/CoD/MoD FPS fucktards who think anything that doesn't fit into their grey/brown shoot 'em up world is "ghay" kill them off? Their are already less and less RPGs, with only a handful of really good ones coming out each year due to the same thing.

Seriously if I can browse a store and find over a dozen new release FPS games that are all the same fucking thing when it comes down to it, but only one decent new RPG (Dragon Age), a few pre-owned Flight Sims, and not a single Space Sim, there is something seriously wrong with things.

Yea there are other genres to enjoy, but some many other gamers are only into FPS games that it's starting to ruin it for those of us who enjoy more then yet another WWII "reenactment" (because apparently only US troops took part in WWII).

I mean I enjoy some FPS games, I also enjoy RTS, RPG, etc, etc. But really less and less of those games are coming out as well, while more and more sports and FPS games are coming out. I mean seriously, are we loosing our hobby to the very people who use to deride it? The same we lost most of the Internet to the idiots!

So what happened? I really wanted to go frag some aliens in my fighter and drop some torpedos down a battle-station.

Oh btw Ace Combat 6 on the 360, the only Flight Sim I could find that looked decent (I refuse to purchase anything with Tom "I've got a US flag up my arse" Clancy's name on it), really really sucks.

When Eyecandy is too much

So I was bored out of my mind last night and was re-watching some old stuff I had laying around, and I got to thinking about some of the "eye-candy" we see in popular media.

I'm talking about the Seven of Nines, or the babes in chain-mail bikinis in video games, and why they annoy the holy shit out of me.

Don't get me wrong, hot is hot, and I'm a fan of a hot chick as much as the next guy, but having a hot chick dressed in almost nothing just to have a hot chick dressed in almost nothing is ... dum da da da! immersion breaking.

One thing that always got me was for example Troy on Star Trek TNG, she's a Commander on the federation flag ship... walking around in a skin tight body suit... Yea I know that in Trek Starfleet isn't really a military organisation, however, Uniforms serve several purposes, and there is a reason beyond the military utility as to why they exist.

They espouse uniformity (hence uniforms), a sense of belonging to something larger then yourself, they encourage a group or unit identity, be that a charity group like the Salvation Army, or the real Army. By being out of uniform she sends the implicit message that she isn't part of the group, that she is somehow above the group, not something you'd think a shrink would want to do.

It's just as bad, if not worse, in video games, take for example the ever present chain-mail bikinis you see in every fantasy game, they offer no protection, use it's a game, yes it's fantasy set in a world of magic and elfs and unicorns, but ffs that just means we're already working hard to keep our heads in the game, no need to needlessly break immersion just to have some T&A around.

As I said earlier, I'm not very PC, so I don't really care about any of the "it's offensive to women" bullshit (when those coke ads with the shirtless guy gets pulled off TV then they can talk, until then STFU) that gets thrown around, I'm against it on a more practice ground, it doesn't suit the story, if you've got a hooker in the game, by all means have her in next to nothing, but some tough warrior lugging around a sword bigger then my leg, she knows better.

Oh and what's up with the boobs on aliens, you've got reptiles with fucking tits... Jesus. You know what purpose breaths serve right? the feeding of young, the only reason men have them is we're a genetic modification of the female form, that's it, sure we may like to look at them, but the only real reason we have them is to feed kids. Reptiles don't do it that way, birds don't do it that way, or fish, or anything other then mammals (hence why breasts are called mammary glands).

So when I see a sci-fi series with a hot chick painted green with scales with huge freaking knockers I just want to go "ugg...". If they evolved from reptiles chances are they'd feed their young via other means, if they don't just go out and eat someone else's kids a few hours after hatching.... yea that hot reptile chick wont have the same parts as you either, sorry to say.

Okay now I'm just ranting... where was I...

Oh yea, I really wish more shows would have women dressed similarly to how they would dress in a real world situational analogue. It doesn't mean dress them in a burlap sack, after all a woman can be hot in conventional clothing or uniforms, after all if all we wanted to see was titties we've got the internet for that, it's the allure of what's under the clothes that gets us, show a little make us think about the rest.

Anyway I find chicks in uniforms mega hot.

Actors runing movies ... that they've already done

So I was thinking last night, am I the only one who can't watch movies that use to be favourites of mine because of the giant dicks the stars in them have turned into?

I mean, I use to love movies like Top Gun and Days of Thunder, good popcorn stuff, but the second Tom "Thetans" Cruise walks on screen I groan and want to turn the movie off.

I mean seriously the guy is a giant dick these days, and he's not the only one, Sly Stallone's stuff has been ruined for me, since he's turned into a creepy old man.

Have douchbag actors ruined your classic movie collection?

About the only actor that I detest that I can still watch is The Goveninator, yep, sure he became can a politician (I hate them all, doesn't matter which side they are on), that's one step below "puppy killing halocaust denying jay walker" on the douchbag scale.

I guess it says something about his movies, or it could be that if you sat through Twins, Kindergarten Cop, and Junior and still enjoyed the gore ridden early action stuff before he started "acting" you can put up with anything short of trying to personally kill you and molest your pets.

So any you'd care to share?

Sports... /sigh

Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) chief John Coates has taken a swipe at Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis, saying she has gone missing on the issue of sports funding.

This week the Government received the Crawford Report, its long-awaited review of sports funding in Australia, which did not recommend the $100 million in extra funding being sought by the AOC.

Jesus Christ on a pop-sickle stick. What the fuck is wrong with these people? The world's economy is falling apart and then want a hundred million dollars extra to fund people who play sports for a living?

Fuck them, and fuck their little athletes as well. People are suffering all over the world and the nation, people are loosing their jobs left right and centre and they want us to piss away money that could be used to help them for fucking sports.

They already get too much fucking money in this country, fuck them, use it to fix the roads around here, or build more hospitals, or I don't know fix the education system.

Fuck Sports.

Dragon Age - A Love Letter


This game is perhaps the best game I've played in the last 2 or 3 years, including Mass Effect and Fallout 3, it beats the ever loving Christ out of Fable 2.

I'll do a more detailed review on it later, but for now, watch the video, buy the game, and love it. It is simply awesome.

Everquest, A Perfect Storm or Zeitgeist?

IGN is running a series on 10 years of Everquest (yes I know UO was first) and it got me thinking, was it a perfect storm of talent, creativity, technology, and passion that created the MMO phenomenon or was it just Zeitgeist?

If you don't know what Zeitgeist means, it's a German phrase meaning "the spirit of the age", meaning that if it wasn't Everquest and UO that started it, it would of been something else, but it still would of happened.

Not to diminish the work of the amazing people who made those games, they played their part and poured their blood into their work for sure, but it makes one wonder, if not Everquest and UO, what would of been born in their place?

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Why I'm Proud To Be Australian

Okay so I was clicking around and found this.

"There is a dark and foreboding place where few men dare tread, and where those who do tread speak with indecipherable accents. A place that will rape your Christian soul and be left unquenched, sitting there silently... taunting your soul's now-swollen asshole with its maddening silence - where is your God now?! There's no way that such a hellish, fiendish nexus of putrid rot and agony could exist! Well, it does, and that place is none other than the continent of Australia."


Check it out and be proud of our homeland.

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