Youtube, Finding Gold in Elephant Shit

So, I was bored and couldn't sleep, so what did I do? I went on the Internet looking for something to laugh at. Big mistake.

Why was it a mistake? I looked on Youtube.

For every Yahtzee,, MovieBob, and their ilk you have close to a million retarded monkeys talking softly into crackly mics while looking intently into their WebCams.

Seriously, there is nothing said in those videos that couldn't be better said in writing, I don't need to see your face or hear your voice to empathise with your opinions and frustrations, in fact the opposite is true, chances are I'll find you so annoying that I'll disagree with you on general principle.

If you're going to label something a humorous rant against something or other, at least make it funny and put some fucking effort into it you turd gobblers.

If you're "reviewing" something, how about instead of staring into your web cam for 5 god-damn painful minutes you try actually showing some footage of it, it's not like you can't find any-fucking-thing online and there is freeware video editing software out there by the bucket full.

Before you say the words "they'll sue me", they can't, it's called fair use a clause in most copy right laws the world over, or if you're plain just shitting on something, the parody protection, and hey generally unless you're one of the big named guys no-one gives a shit about you anyway.

Oh and also? Saying something sucks, even if I agree it does, just because you don't like it is patently fucking stupid, if you think something sucks at least try and articulate why you don't like it.

I can give you a fifty point list on why most main stream "musicians" should be shot into the sun, the most people on youtube can come up with for the most part is "ghay"


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