85 per cent support voluntary euthanasia

A new survey shows support for voluntary euthanasia is on the rise in Australia.

The Newspoll of 1,200 people indicated 87 per cent support in New South Wales, which is up 12 per cent on 2007 results.

I'm a bit of a contradiction on this issue, I'm a huge fan of personal choice, but I don't know if I could make that choice myself, I think so long as there is life there is hope, I'd like to think I would keep fighting until the very end, kicking Death in the nads with my last breath.

So as far as the law goes I'm in favour of it, personal choice is king.

Incidentally that's also my view on abortion, I stay out of the debate because I'm male and thus it's not really my choice, as it's not my body, and until such time as they make it possible for another option, I'll stay out of it.

Though I will say I fucking hate how men are portrayed in popular media (TV/Movies/Etc) regarding it, some bint drops a huge bomb shell on the guy and then gets pissed he doesn't know what they should do after 30 seconds, when she's had days/weeks to get use to the idea. Then he's the bad guy for not wanting to make a choice, because the smart guy knows he's fucked either way, suggest abortion/adoption he's a heartless bastard, suggest marriage and he's a clingy twat, walk away and he's a deadbeat. There is no way the poor guy can win.

Ladies you've got our support, but Jesus don't put it all on us, it takes two to tango, if you want our input fine, if you don't also fine, but don't give us the... oh fucking wow I'm really off-topic here.

Okay in closing, personal choice is king, just because the law says it's okay to do something doesn't mean you have too do it if it's against your personal lifeview.


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