We're Suppose to Hate Kirk!

So I've been talking with people about the new Star Trek movie and apart from a few people who scare me, and I'm a life long trekie, with their obsession and personal hygiene, most agree its an awesome fun ride, the type that hasn't been seen since Star Trek: First Contact.

However, most everyone detests the new Kirk, they are forgetting that pretty much everyone hated the old Kirk too, not just Shatner either, but the character. He is and always was a douche bag, but as assholes go, he's not as bad as Archer or Janeway.

We loved the show, we loved the characters, but we always hated Kirk, the guys a jerk, a man whore, and just all around egotist, no matter who plays him.

I just hope they go in a new direction with this series of movies rather then rehashing what was done before, ST2 and ST4 were good movies, but they've been done, we don't need them done again, please, write something new and interesting... oh and please hawt Vulcan/Comm Officer sex in the next movie.


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