Transformers 2: Humans are Boring

Okay let me just say there were parts of the new transformers movie that I loved with a passion, and there were parts that I wanted to carve my eyes out over.

<--- is one of the bits I loved, especially when its on a huge ass screen.

But other then Megan Fox hawting it up, most of the bits with the humans were plain fucking dull. I'll try to keep the spoilers down, but there will be a few.

The movie could of been a lot better had they cut maybe 30-40mins out of it, frankly cut every screen with the parents from the first movie out and it would of been a much better movie, they served no purpose and were plain fucking annoying, the pot brownie bit especially.

And what the fuck was up with the new Autobots? The twins? GRRRRRRRRR Jar-Jar Binks is at risk of loosing his spot as the most annoying CGI character of all time. Christ.

Now don't get me wrong, I did like some of the humans, the soldiers made my day, just as they did in the first movie, one of the things I didn't like about the old show was that the only humans doing anything were an old dude and his kid, at least in this series humans are fighting along side the Autobots!

All in all the movie was too long and could of been made much better with more focus on the Transformers... you know the title characters... They set up some cool stuff with Arcee in the opening but she got one fucking line in the entire movie... There were times in the movie where they had me interested and I sat forward expecting some plot information about the big ass robots from space... only to have the screen flash to some dumb ass human bit and never be picked up again.

Well worth going to see, but do yourself a favour, if you like me have a bum leg and have a hard time sitting for 3 hours, wait for it to come out on DVD and watch it at home.


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