Leave the 80s Alone!

Between remakes of classic 80s video games and shameless profiteering off my childhood memories in movie form my rose coloured glasses of nostalgia are starting to chip and get all scratched up!

The most recent game is Bionic Commando, a remake of a classic game I first played on the C64 back before I hit double digits, its an okay game really, but because of the memories I have of the original game I, and I guess others, are expecting it to be a lot more fun then it is.

Don't get me wrong, its a fun enjoyable game, but the memories of the other game are dulled by 20+ years, and we only remember the hours of enjoyment me had, not the mind numbing joystick crushing frustration moments.

That's the problem with remakes, the old expression things get better with time is true, we remember the good things and forget the bad things about something we liked, if they had called Bionic Commando something else and not tied it in, I expect it would of been more enjoyable for me, but once again the rose coloured glasses ruined it.

Its a lot like the outcry from Transformers fans about the movie a few years ago, they didn't see it as its own thing, they saw it from the romanticized view of 20 year old memories.

So in short, stop remaking stuff from the 80s, as much as we love it, it really wasn't that good, come up with new shit already!


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