Killing people attracts attention!

So I was on IRC last night with some people and was talking excitedly about the new season of Burn Notice when a guy I don't know started complaining about how "wimpy" the main characters are... mind you you've got an ex-spy, an ex-IRA bomb maker, and an ex-Navy Seal, and he calls them wimpy for not killing people.

News flash, killing people when you're not being protected by some big powerful goverment agency attracts attention of the bad kind. Cops are busy, after a while they put a stolen car on the back burner, they forget about the report of the guy trespassing at a building, they write off some gun shots as gang activity if no one was harmed, but Murder?

That they look into, and keep looking, so killing when you don't have too in the context of the show makes no sense at all.

The main thing I like about the show (other then the actors which are great) is that they use their brains and plan things out, careful to keep things from attracting attention.

So yea. Go watch Burn Notice, its freaking awesome, and it has Bruce Campbell in it.


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