Its Offical, Dan Brown Movies Suck

So the other night I gave into a friend and watched Angels and Demons...

He claimed "Its not as bad as the Devinci Code, its good!"... Its not good... Its just not as totally horrible as the Devinci Code, at least they don't attempt to make the "history" in it out as anything but pure bullshit...

Now onto the real bullshit, w-t-f is up with the plot and travel times? I can't make it across town in 10mins and I live in a town of 20,000, let alone a major city of millions.

And then their is the anti-matter bullshit, I can buy the "containment" system, but the ugg... I can't even be bothered, just go to CERN FAQ on why the movie and book are full of crap.

I'm a sci-fi fan, and I can totally get behind screwing with science in order to make a story work, so long as you don't fall into the Star Trek trap of "invert the technobable and save the day", but come-on, some effort would be nice people.

Anti-Matter is produced in ATOMS, meaning really really small shit, the amount they had in the movies would take BILLIONS of years to produce at the current rate, and even then using it as a bomb makes less sense then... oh I don't know a nuke. They are a hell of a lot cheaper, but I'll give it to them as a plot device, as anti-matter is a lot more cutting edge then nuclear weapons.

If they wanted to make something up, they could of used some real science, not just some pop presudo science that everyone seems to be into these days.

For the love of god, its SCIENCE FICTION, but that doesn't mean you can throw out the laws of physics without a reasonable explanation

Also, Tom Hanks needs to find better rolls, the guy is an awesome actor who is wasting himself on this shit.

/rant off


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