Motion Sensors: Why?

First let me just say this to all you people out there thinking that the Wii, Project Natal, and the PS3 thing are innovative and exciting; you're all morons!

Its been around for decades, and that's just in video games, who could forgot The Glove of Childhood Arthritis?

That isn't to say that these devices don't have some appeal or use, but frankly, I don't want to play a fighting game where I'm actually kicking and punching, I want the fantasy where I'm a ninja bad ass capable for kicking ass.

The Wii sports games are fun to play with friends, and I can see the appeal of games like Guitar Hero and what's its name golf on the Wii, but after trying to play Zelda on the Wii, a game series I love, I was begging for a controller.

I want to sit in my comfy chair and get drawn into the action, challange and storyline, what I don't want is the most challanging thing about the game to be the damn controls. I know its not a popular opinion, but I enjoy games for the fantasy, and its hard to get immersed in them if your arms are aching and your bum leg is acting up.

All that being said the non-game parts of Project Natal actually look pretty cool and I'll likely grab it for the voice commands and menu system, not to mention the video phone.


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