W-T-F Is the point of Twitter?

So I was poking around the xbox live video marketplace last night and came across a video featuring Felicia Day at E3 (you know that gaming thing that use to have relevance), now since I think she's hot and funny I grabbed it not giving two shits what its about, yes I know this makes me sad, but at least I'm not oggling Paris Hilton like 99% of you dipshits online.

But back to the point, I was actually interested in the first part of the video about integrating Facebook into the Xbox 360, I can get behind that, Facebook and to a lesser extent Myspace are actually valid social gathering places online, but the second part just tweaked me off...

W-T-F Is the point of twitter? You post a 120 character description of what you are doing, okay wonderful, except for the face 99.9% of the shit each of us do each day is boring as sin and we ourselves don't even want to think about it, let make others read about it.

And that's not even taking into account what some people I know would post... there are just somethings I don't need to know about people.

So I ask you again, w-t-f is the point of this shit? Its all over the place and everyone is doing it, but it seems to serve no other purpose then telling people when you are taking a shit. And I use to get yelled at for doing that on IRC and later WoW, and now people are falling all over themselves to do it.


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