Star Craft II: Here's Hoping

Blizzard is on full publicity mode today, with a number of sites posting preview stories and interviews with the people behind the game.
More over at Ars Technica.

So I'm looking at Star Craft II and thinking to myself "damn I've been waiting a long time for this" quickly followed by "oh crap, please let it be more like Star Craft and Warcraft II then Warcraft III"

You see I'm a rare bird, I didn't think Warcraft III was all that good, oh the story was okay and some of the missions were interesting, but I thought it was more an RPG then an RTS, it focused too much on the hero units then the strategy, and frankly that's not what I play an RTS for. Dawn of War is an example of what I want in an RPG, Warcraft III isn't.

But that's in the future, I'm sure I'll buy a copy of this game even if its a dog turd in a cardboard box.

Anyway onto the other things I've been thinking about, the single player looks cool, three games rather then just one, at first I thought it was a shameless money grab, not something blizzard is above, but I've got hope, it looks as though those games are going to have some pretty cool storyline elements and that's something that is seriously lacking in todays games.

The noob friendly stuff in the article I linked just makes me go "MEH", I've been the kicker and the kickee in the ass kicking and frankly you learn by doing, if you're too much of a wimp to try again after getting your metaphorical teeth knocked down your throat you shouldn't be playing online.

That may some just a touch elitist of me, so I'll explain, I have no issue with ranking systems or different game zones for different player levels, but the whole idea of dumbing down a game to the lowest common denominator just rankles, it would be like chess where all the pieces move the same, so I hope they do it better then they did in WoW.

Now onto the real rant, no lan-play??? WTF? Wait sorry... W-T-F? Sorry that's just plain freaking rude, LAN play and Internet play are the same fucking thing, TCP/IP, there is bugger all extra work in putting it in, the only reason not to put it in is to force people to use their battlenet service, which I'm better is going to have a subscription fee now... if so... suck me blizzard.

Yea, you heard me, blow me you over-paid monkeys.


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