Is it me or is Fallout 3 Clunky?

So I'm on my second attempt to play Fallout 3, first time it was on the PC, I quit shortly after I made it to GNR and got sick of the game stuttering about like my grandmother. This time its on my Xbox 360, much smoother I must admit, but I don't know, the game is a little clunky.

First off the encumbered system... ugg... I thought we got rid of that crap years ago in games, yes its realistic, but its also highly annoying, espaically since you pick up tons of crap with no real purpose other then selling it, that brings me to my next point, shops have a limit amount of cash... annoying, realistic, but annoying!

Thirdly the time system, 120 caps at the start of the game for the ability to sleep? I don't want a hooker, I just want a damn bed, so I can get pass the stupid night time crap and go shopping in town.

More rants coming as I play.


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