Late Night Gaming: Just Don't

So, if you've ever had trouble sleeping and thought to yourself "I'll go play a video game for an hour or so until I get sleepy" you have an idea what this is about.

Last night I had a tooth ache, don't know why, its been good lately, but I couldn't sleep and the pain killers just weren't kicking in, so I said to myself, I'd go play some Fallout 3 to take my mind off it, and get sleepy.

4 Hours later, at almost 5am! I finally climbed into bed, that would of been fine if I had actually been playing... you see because I was half asleep when I was playing I played for almost two hours without doing any saves other then auto save, a major noob mistake, and some where along the line I vendored my damn Gause Rifle by mistake.

Now I love my little cannon of hot kinetic death so I frantically scrambled around back to vendors seeing if I could buy it back, after half an hour of fruitless searching I gave up and loaded up my last real save, dropping 3 side quests and about 4,000 bottle caps worth of vendoring, which was still in my damn inventory.

Moral of the story, don't play while tired >.< well at least its not as bad as the time I spent 4000 gold on crap on wow and respecced all my characters at 4am.

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