Studs and Sluts

I was half asleep last night when a thought came to me, you see I had been reading a forum and one poster made a rather heartfelt rant about the double standard regarding promiscuity in our society, in that while men who sleep around are considered studs, woman who do the same are considered sluts. It's hard a new thing, been around for thousands of years, no matter how unfair people might feel it is, and I doubt it will go away any-time soon, I personally think it's rather unfair myself, but the question came to me, where did the double standard come from?

So I pondered and wondered, no doubt many feminists (and why is that word no long brings to mind Women's Sufferage but instead brings to mind an image of a high healed foot stamping on a male throat?) blame it squarely on "patriarchal" intuitions of the past, and they may have a point, but personally I think it goes back farther then that.

When you think about early, very early, human society you need to understand we were closer to our instincts, and woman held a great deal of power, every man wanted to pass on his genetic legacy, while the women only wanted the best of the best, just look at any group dynamic of animals for an example, the strongest and most powerful males breed with as many females as they can, the weak don't.

So from that prospective it makes sense, early human men had this inbuilt need to spread their genetics around as much as possible, while the females wanted only the best, thus limiting themselves to one partner.

And today this is still with us, man who sleep around are considered virile, while women who do the same are considered aberrant.

Of course this pondering doesn't absolve people from not overcoming their prejudices, far from it, many instincts we have need to be overcome, take for example the desire to strangle someone really fucking annoying, but it makes me wonder, what other societal behaviours we have that come from such roots?

Any thoughts?


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