This just in EA is Stupid with a capital S

EA has a new way to annoy its own models: give out prizes for Comic Con attendees who commit acts of lust with their booth babes. Also, if you win, you get to take the lady out to dinner!

Okay... okay... I don't know how anyone can think this is a good idea at all... Honestly it's the kind of stupid that's up there with Darwin Award winners for plain dumb-assery.

99% of people that go to these things, male or female, are decent human beings who just want to have a bit of fun, but there is always that guy... you know that guy who everyone is afraid of because he's batshit insane who will ruin it for everyone. You know the guy who you don't even joke around with because you're afraid he'll take your suggestion of eating live chicken heads seriously.

I just know this can't end well. In other news, water is wet.


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