Censorship Online: Think of the Children

With things like the Great Firewall of Australia on the horizon are things online getting out of hand?

The catch cry of the day is "Think of the children!!!!1!oneoneone", and frankly, I'm sick of thinking of the children, I'm not a parent, I am an uncle though, and its the parents responsibility to raise the child, not the states, the whole idea that the internet is a safe spot to let children wander unattended is ludicrous.

You don't let your kids out alone at 2am if you've got half a freaking brain, so why are you letting them on-line without supervising them? I know parental responsibility is out of fashion these days, but come-on, why should adults be punished because some idiot parents want another TV like babysitter for their spawn.

I've got an idea, how about if you Mr Rudd are really serious about protecting children you take the massive amount of money you're pissing down the drain on this firewall and just hand it over to the AFP (Australian Federal Police) to chase down the real threats to children, child molesters. I can tell you know it will do a hell of a lot more good, because from what I see of your "firewall" it will take anyone with half a brain 10mins to get around.

There are real threats out there on the Internet, but the only way to protect children online is to educate their parents, not throw up artificial barriers that punish everyone, or hey if you are totally committed to going ahead with this stupid idea, how about you make it opt-in and mandate that ISPs ask when people sign up for an account?

I don't want any government, even one I voted for, telling me what I can or can not read online! Where will it end?


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