3D: Time Is Circular.

So what's with the obsession about 3d all of a sudden? Sure Avatar was an awesome movie effects wise and the 3d was pretty cool (apart from the fact my bladder was about to explode after a 3 hour movie without an intermission... and my nose hurt from two sets of glasses sitting on my face)... but really why all the 3D rage?

Are people really that into it? 3D movies (can sort of see the attraction if it suits the movies, but most movies would be ruined in 3D), but 3D home TVs and 3D video games? pfft it's a novelty I guess...

But really I'm not that interested in it, I doubt I'll ever buy a 3D TV unless it's one of those things that can bog standard with the model I want, and I know I'll never bother with 3d games, it's just something else to give me a damn headache, I already can't read what's on my TV without my glasses, so wearing two sets all the time to get the details and the effect would just ruin it for me.

Also frankly I play games for the game play, not the graphics, the graphics are icing, the game play is the cake.

I guess it's all James Cameron's fault... Avatar was great... but it's like being back in the 80s with everyone (companies) pushing 3D on us... What's next? Shoulder Padding?


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