Taking Back English

Over the last few decades English as a language has been degraded by various factors to the point where it's becoming almost as convoluted as the plot of a Tom Clancy novel.

Homosexuality is an abnormal sexual orientation.

That sentence is a perfect example of what I am talking about the ultra left nutjobs would scream about hate speech and descrimination, and the ultra right nutjobs would nod their heads along sagely.

However, they are both fucking wrong. Lets look at the word abnormal, it means not normal, and normal means something common to the majority of a group, that's all it means, it makes no moral judgement about the validity of the practice or circumstances, just that it is common to the majority, the same can be said about the word abnormal, simply that it is part of a minority of a group.

It was once normal to own slaves, to beat ones wife, and to go out killing, raping, and pillaging neighbouring villages.

It was also once abnormal to think that all people are equal, that violence should be the last resort, and that we should try to get along.

Without proper context the sentence above is truly neutral, it doesn't pass judgement either way, the words are simple and factually accurate. Now I chose a sentence that would provoke strong feelings in those that read it, my own feelings on the matter are irrelevant but well known, here's a hint I'm for any-one doing anything so long as everyone involved is willing and above the age of consent.

What does matter in this instance is that people can't recognise context any-more, they instead try to invent new phrases and words to avoid offending people, rather then use a perfectly good word such as abnormal they come up with crap like non-standard, which is just plain dumb.

And it's not just the left wing PC wackadoodles that are to blame either, it's also the right wing fuckwits who assign their own flawed moral values to neutral words. Words matter, they can make you cry, make you happy, or make you angry, I don't think anyone could dispute that, but without context they are fucking neutral.

So in closing I'd just like to say, stop fucking with my language you god-damn twits, use your damn brains and recognise context.


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